Event Date :26.05.2021


The opening ceremony of Hasan Yalçıntaş Park, located on the campus of OSTİM Technical University, the University of the Industrial World, was held.

The opening ceremony of the park named after the late Hasan Yalçıntaş, a valuable person, lover of Ankara and Chairman of the Board of Partners of ANFA; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Reşit Serhat Taşkınsu, Yenimahalle District Governor Selda Dural, Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yaşar, Etimesgut Mayor Enver Demirel, Keçiören Deputy Mayor Kazım Kabadayı, Keçiören Deputy Mayor Merih Karayol, Keçiören Deputy Mayor Metin Akdemir, Keçiören Deputy Mayor Sabiha Akdemir, ANFA General Manager Yıldırım Özer, ANFA Deputy General Manager Leyla Yüksel, ANFA Deputy General Manager Koray Kan, ANFA Shareholders Board Chairman Ertuğrul Yalçın, ANFA Board Member Ercüment Ünal, ANFA Private Secretary Sinan Cumba, ANFA Construction Technical Unit Manager Emrah Coşkun, National Weightlifter Halil Mutlu, Hasan Yalçıntaş's nephew Murat Yalçıntaş and his family attended the event.

"Hasan Yalçıntaş was like my uncle"

Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek, Rector of OSTİM Technical University, started his speech by saying, "Hasan Yalçıntaş was my colleague, my older brother. He was almost like my own uncle."

Yülek stated that he and his nephew Murat Yalçıntaş met Hasan Yalçıntaş in 1988 while he was studying for his master's degree in Brussels, and said, "Since our relationship was never interrupted after that, I am a person who knows how devoted he was to this country, this city, OSTİM, OSTİM - İVEDİK Industrial Basin, Ankara, how much he strived to serve, and what was on his agenda even in his sick bed until three days before his death.

Yülek said that he was personally very touched and happy to be organizing this event today and ended his speech by thanking Hasan Yalçıntaş's family and all the participants.

"He was one of the most valuable businessmen of OSTİM"

"Orhan Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSTİM OSB and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of OSTİM Technical University, started his speech by saying, "Hasan Yalçıntaş was one of the most valuable and precious businessmen of OSTİM. We also had a special law with him. We traded and shopped with him. We were friends, brothers, colleagues. We had many things in common. I wish him mercy from Allah Almighty, I wish condolences and patience to his family again."

Orhan Aydın stated that in order to keep the memory of Hasan Yalçıntaş alive in OSTİM, they opened the facility in his memory with the contributions of the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and named it after him. He also stated that all services and infrastructure works of the facility were carried out with the contribution and support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Orhan Aydın thanked the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor of Yenimahalle, District Governor of Yenimahalle and everyone who contributed. "He was a hardworking and patriotic person"

Mr. Murat Yalçıntaş, the nephew of the late Hasan Yalçıntaş, started his speech by saying "This is a very difficult speech for me" and thanked all the participants and OSTİM Technical University in the person of Mr. Murat Yülek, OSTİM OSB in the person of Mr. Orhan Aydın and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in the person of Mr. Mansur Yavaş.

Murat Yalçıntaş stated that they received countless messages of condolence after his uncle passed away and that the opening of this park was a great support to the Yalçıntaş family and said, "This situation showed how many people's lives my late Uncle Hasan touched and how much he contributed to them."

"My uncle and I worked together, dreamed about the future, he was my biggest supporter. He was a very hardworking person, and as hardworking as he was, he was also a patriotic person." Yalçıntaş recounted a memory of his uncle and said that Hasan Yalçıntaş said that we should work for this country until we die, until our last breath.

"Children trained at OSTİM Technical University will be able to find a job immediately"

"I would like to express my honor to be with you at the opening of this park in one of the important universities of Yenimahalle Municipality and Yenimahalle," said Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yaşar, "I would like to express my gratitude to all the administrators who suggested that this park be named after Hasan Yalçıntaş, an industrialist and a productive bureaucrat."

"This is an important university. A university that will set an example for Turkey. Because the children who grow up here are not children who do not know what to do when they finish school. The children who grow up here will be able to find a job immediately after they finish school. Because they will produce. That's why this university is a university that needs to be watched carefully, I have been watching it carefully since it was founded. The Higher Education Council should also watch it carefully, the local administration should also watch it carefully. If we open such universities, if we bring universities to this position, Turkey will produce more, Turkey will create more jobs, Turkey will export more, Turkey will contribute to the happy lives of our people by growing national income and national product without being dependent on anyone. Therefore, it is very important that this park is named after Hasan. May his soul rest in peace, I wish condolences to his family."

Etimesgut Mayor Enver Demirel, who started his speech by saying, "I would like to express our condolences to all of you, especially his family, close friends and friends, and I would like to express that we are saddened by the loss of our brother Hasan," said, "I know him very closely and he was a brother with whom we worked for many years. May God have mercy on him."

Demirel concluded his words by saying, "I would like to express my thanks to our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Mr. Mayor, especially our university, who built this park."

"OSTİM is really the locomotive, the driving force of our district"

"Yenimahalle District Governor Selda Dural started her speech by saying, "Today, I would like to express my pleasure to be here with you at the opening of this beautiful park that will keep the cherished memory of the late Hasan Yalçıntaş alive." Mr. Hasan was a resident of our district and we know, hear and learn that he was a true lover of Ankara. Therefore, it is a source of pride for us to keep his name alive in such a park in our district. I wish him mercy from Allah and condolences and patience to his relatives."

Dural stated that OSTİM region is not only our district, not only our district, not only our Ankara, but in fact Turkey is an industrialization model that sets an example for the world and said, "It is an entrepreneurship model that should be taught and taught in schools, we are proud of OSTİM as Yenimahalle." "It is really the locomotive and driving force of our district. However, combining and crowning the success in this field with a university at the same time has created a really important model, as our mayor also stated," Dural said, "Great things will be accomplished here. At the point of combining theory and practice, we hope that it will be an example for Turkey and even the world, we have full faith. It is a separate pride for us to host such a university in our district."

Stating that OSTİM Technical University has entered the education and training life with very ambitious and beautiful departments especially in technical fields and sciences in terms of its field and subject, Dural said, "At this point, I find it very meaningful that the name of Mr. Hasan, a saintly person who has spent his life in this field, is given to a park in this university."

"Hasan Yalçıntaş's name is entrusted to us"

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş started his speech by saying, "First of all, the name of our brother Hasan suits this place very well. Both because he is a businessman from OSTİM, because he has close relations with OSTİM Technical University and ANFA, which contributes here, is a place where he worked very hard, so it is very, very fitting."


"We also gave his name to the Composite Facilities of our Municipality and hopefully we will give his name to one or two more places that will keep his memory alive. Because his name is now entrusted to us," Yavaş said, "He has made a lot of efforts, we really know him from many, many years ago, but during the time we worked together, especially the work he gave to the Çubuk Dam cannot be expressed with anything."

Mr. Mansur Yavaş said of Hasan Yalçıntaş: "His efforts are not to be forgotten and when we talked to him, he had many more projects for Ankara. This was the end, we are very sad. I wish his soul rest in peace and may his place be in heaven." Yavaş concluded his words by saying, "I hope to keep his name alive with a few facilities like this facility, and I thank you for your presence."


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