We congratulate all our students who have joined OSTİM Technical University.


For our students who can now register in compliance with our university's 2021 YKS results;

*E-Devlet registrations will take place between 04 October - 05 October 2021,

*Final registration procedures will take place between 04 October - 07 October 2021.


- Candidate's ÖSYS (Turkish University Entrance Exam) Result Document

- The original and photocopy of the candidate's diploma from the school they graduated from, or the new dated graduation document

- Certified copy of identity card (can be obtained via E-Devlet)

- Statement of residence (can be obtained via E-Devlet)

- For male candidates who are of military age or above, a document stating there is not a hindrance of him enrolling a faculty or college obtained from the relevant military service branch.

- 6 photographs of 4.5 x 6 (cm) size (photos taken within the last six months, taken from the front, making the student easily identifiable.)

- Bank receipt



2021-2022 Academic Year Tuition Fees

For English Preparatory education and Undergraduate students, the 2021-2022 academic year tuition fee is 60.500 TL including VAT.

For the program within the Vocational School, the 2021-2022 academic year tuition fee is 31.500 TL including VAT.

* Students who qualify for 50% discount programs will pay half of the above-mentioned fees.

The tuition fee is collected in 2 equal instalments before the Fall and Spring semesters' registration and until the last payment day specified in the academic calendar. The first instalment of the tuition fee is paid at the beginning of the first (fall) semester of the academic year, and the second instalment is paid at the beginning of the second (spring) semester of the academic year.

In line with the agreement made with Akbank, 5 instalments are applied to Akbank credit cards. In addition, using the Akbank OTS system, it is possible to pay the semester fee in 5 instalments.