Vocational School of Higher Education

Dear Students,

In this period, when competitive conditions are difficult and knowledge and skills and competencies are at the forefront, training of technical human resources is a difficult process. The 21st century, also known as the survival skills of the institutions that educated the human resources of this era. It has become important to design it so that it can have the skills Therefore, education-training models are now handled in a way that contributes to the development of skills and competencies.

Developing skills and competencies is directly related to production and means increasing the production capacity of institutions and countries. Increasing the production capacity will also direct the labor market. The labor market is directly related to vocational education, and the most important mission of vocational education institutions is to train qualified human resources for the labor market and contribute to the solution of social problems.

Our Vocational School, which was constructed according to these reasons; With 11 programs, 5 of which are new, it trains technical human resources that can think innovative, analyze and synthesize, solve problems, think project-based, have design and production skills, thus lead the way in creating differences in their professions and businesses. While doing this, it updates the education and training curriculum with the realities of the industry, introduces entrepreneurship and project culture with practices in enterprises and develops intellectual accumulation with experienced academic staff with public-private sector experience.

In this context, our most important strength is that we can benefit from the 50-year industrial accumulation in OSTIM and the surrounding area. We are willing to train a universal human resource that can create stories on a global basis from the inspiration of local success stories we take from here. We make our fiction with our academic and administrative staff accordingly and we strive for this. We are trying to achieve this goal together with our staff, students, parents and industry stakeholders.

With these feelings and thoughts, I wish you success in your education and professional life.

Assistant Proffesor Turan ŞİŞMAN
Manager, Vocational School of Higher Education