Vocational School of Higher Education

Dear Students,

Welcome to the website of Vocational School of Higher Education of OSTİM Technical University which recruited its first students in the academic year 2019-2020. We set out with the goal of becoming one of the leading vocational and technical education institutions in our country and we are waiting the participation of our young friends. We started our educational activities to train qualified technical personnel for Turkey's future. Our aim is to prepare our students for their profession and future life in a family environment that will both enable them to think highly analytically and solution-oriented and to lead them to make a difference in their professions and businesses.

Setting off with the model of a third generation university, it is one of our primary goals to put the university-industry cooperation in the foreground, to use the theory and practice in the most effective way and to provide added value to the national economy with industry-oriented projects. Nevertheless, we are assertive about being a new generation university with our education programs and we make sure that you are requested by the sectors you are interested in your studentship. In this context, each of the industrial enterprises located in the industrial zone of OSTİM ecological environment in which our university is located, is our laboratory. We believe that we will be very successful not only due to the laboratories we have established within our university, but also due to the support of industrial enterprises in the OSTİM industrial zone, large stakeholder such as OSTİM Technopark and the support of the OSTİM Foundation which has a long-standing tradition.

Within the framework of our training program our students will receive on-the-job training once a week in the second and third semesters, and on the whole term in the fourth semester. You will not only gain production and research/development experience but also will become competent in teamwork and professional relations. In the entrepreneurship project courses, you will feel more confident in your fields by preparing prototypes in areas such as autonomous and automation machineries, which are among the current research and development topics. In addition to your diploma, you will add differences to your business life with your entrepreneurship scorecards. You will not only graduate with a professional experience but also with the knowledge of career planning, workplace experience and workplace practices.

I wish you all a successful professional higher education experience with full of happy memories. This is the most important period of your life. The digital-living future is yours!

Prof. Dr. Kerim ÇETİNKAYA
Manager, Vocational School of Higher Education