Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Operations

Faculty Members

Ass. Prof. Alplaslan Durmuş

E-mail: [email protected]

He graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Electronics Engineering in 2000. In 2003, he completed his master's degree in Electronics Engineering at Gazi University, Institute of Science and Technology. She completed her doctorate in Gazi University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Department of Educational Technologies in 2012. He has projects and studies in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Cost-effective target aircraft development and graphical interface thrust measurement system development projects continue for BLDC and propeller systems used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems. He worked as a faculty member in Computer and Instructional Technologies (CEIT) and Software Engineering departments at different state and foundation universities. She gave lectures in the fields of Software and Graphics for many years. He worked as Head of Department, Director of Distance Education Center and manager in different institutions. At the same time, she worked as an Independent External Expert at the National Agency (European Union Vocational Education Programs Center Presidency). He has articles published in national and international journals, papers presented in national and international symposiums, and national book chapters. She has supervised and co-advised many theses in the field of Computer and Instructional Technology. He has studies in Web assisted learning, Distance education, Instructional message design, Virtual science and technology museums, Multimedia design and production, Educational graphics, animation and simulation design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Mobile learning. He has been working as the head of the unmanned aerial vehicle technology department at OSTİM Technical University since 2020. She carries out arbitration and consultancy duties in industrial projects. Working places • Embedded software development using C++ and phyton. • UAV Mechanical development and manufacture. • UAV avionics system setup and setup. • Developing flight control software based on PX4 and Ardupilot software • Developing embedded systems with Rassperry PI and Arduino cards. • Flight Control Board configuration and setup.


Instructor Cebrail Ölmez

E-Mail: [email protected]

Cebrail Ölmez completed his undergraduate education at Inonu University, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department in 2016. During his undergraduate education, he took part in the R&D and production project within the scope of TÜBİTAK Alternative Energy Vehicle Races. In 2017, he completed his military service as a Reserve Officer in the Land Forces he. He received his master's degree from Inonu University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2020. During his graduate education, he worked on Machining, Composite materials, Biomaterials and orthopedic implants. Within the scope of these studies, he made presentations at national and international congresses. He has been working as a lecturer at OSTİM Technical University Vocational School since April 2021.



Instructor Hüdaver Atasoy

E-Mail:  hudaver.atasoy@ostimteknik.edu.tr 

Ins. Hüdaver ATASOY, after graduating from the Turkish Military Academy, Department of Electrical and Electronics, completed his undergraduate education at Boğaziçi University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and his master's degree at Yıldız Technical University, Department of Electronics and Communications. He took teaching formation at Ankara University and worked as an Instructor between 1986-2002 and as the Head of the Electric-Electronics Department between 2002-2004 in the Department of Electrical-Electronics of the Turkish Military Academy. He worked for one year as the Plan Program Branch Manager in the establishment of the Azerbaijan Military Academy. He worked at the Land Aviation School in the establishment and maintenance of the UH-1H Helicopter Simulator for 5 years. He worked for two years in the R&D and Technology Department of the Ministry of National Defense as the International R&D Programs Branch Manager and the NATO RTO (R&D Organization) National Coordinator. He worked at various levels in the Turkish Armed Forces for 32 years and retired voluntarily as a Senior Engineer Senior Colonel. Between 2007 and 2015, he served as Simulation Group Manager, Business Development Manager, R&D Director at GATE Elektronik A.Ş. and provided consultancy to various companies. He has worked as a Project Manager for 4 Military and Civil Sector Projects, one of which is a foreign partner, and has experience in around 20 R&D projects such as TÜBİTAK 1007, 1507, TTGV, SANTEZ, KOSGEB. Between 2016-2022, he worked as a full-time Control and Automation Technology Program Manager at Başkent University Kahramankazan Vocational School. He was involved in the establishment of Başkent University Anatolian Organized Industrial Zone Vocational School and recruited students to various programs. He presented papers at various scientific meetings, prepared textbook chapters and acted as Project Evaluation Referee in various projects. He has been working as an Instructor in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Operator Program since June 2022. 


Instructor Fatih Baykal

E-Mail:  fatih.baykal@ostimteknik.edu.tr

He graduated from Istanbul Okan University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Energy Systems Engineering in 2018. During his undergraduate education, he worked in the fields of PV energy systems design, installation and maintenance. He completed his military service as a reserve officer in the Turkish Armed Forces in 2019 and started his graduate education in Istanbul Technical University Aviation Institute, Department of Defense Technologies in 2020. He graduated in 2022. During his graduate education, he carried out design and production activities on new generation UAV concepts in which renewable energy technologies and UAV systems are used together. He has been working in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Operator Program as lecturer since October 2022.



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