The Department of Common Courses

At our university, which aims to be the "University of the Industrial World" by being at the heart of the industry, our aim as common courses is to train graduates with the necessary knowledge and technological equipment, as well as to use the language correctly and appropriately, have a rich vocabulary, read history well, understand and appreciate at least Our aim is to produce graduates who can speak two foreign languages, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are intellectually equipped. In this direction, unique course contents for our university have been created in Turkish Language and Literature, Atatürk's Principles and Revolution History and Academic English courses, which are among our common courses, thus it is aimed to break the perception of "compulsory common course". In addition, an applied and active education model was adopted by using the "research-presentation-report" technique in the lessons, and the lessons were saved from the classical lecture method.

Our students were given the opportunity to choose any of the German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and Italian languages that have just been opened within the joint courses and to learn a second foreign language.

In the Introduction to University Life courses, which aim to take a conscious approach to environmental and social issues, focus on social and cultural activities, and are taught with the participation of successful, inspiring and experienced guests from different professional fields, it is aimed that the student can easily adapt to university life and become an active individual. In the Building of the Future courses, which are the continuation of this course, it is aimed that the students have knowledge about career planning in the professional field, interview processes, effective communication and methods. In addition, the course aims to provide students with the knowledge of rational and critical thinking, producing rational solutions, and evaluating future business opportunities with various seminars on developments in science, technology, industry and R&D.

Other common courses that make a difference to our university are the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Project courses. In these courses, on the one hand, subjects such as business plan analysis and modeling, cost preparation, specification preparation, innovation, commercialization, and incorporation are taught in order to prepare students for real business life and the world, on the other hand, students from different departments come together and work as a team to gain this knowledge in projects and business. It is aimed to transform it into an idea and obtain a product. At the end of the semester, students make investor presentations of these products they have developed with the “Pitching Day” event and compete their projects.

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