Spring Term Final Exams

Announcement to our students

The decision of our University Senate dated 29.05.2023 and numbered 104 regarding the 2022-2023 Spring Term final exams is as follows.

Following the earthquake disaster in our country on 06.02.2023, it was announced to all our students that our University has begun offering a hybrid (blended) education model, and the final exams were decided to be held face-to-face in line with the academic calendar, upon the letter of the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education dated 31.03.2023 and numbered 23957, with the decision of the Senate of our University dated 31.03.2023 and numbered 2023/100.

2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester (Associate, Undergraduate, and Graduate) final exams will be held online due to earthquakes, economic conditions, problems in transportation and accommodation, and war, terrorism, and infrastructure problems in the countries of our students abroad.

Within this scope, the following statements have been decided upon unanimously:

1- For the students who are abroad and unable to take the final exam due to war (Sudan), terrorism and infrastructure problems in their countries, or the impact of earthquakes and the force majeure in the relevant legislation; students who are accepted by the academic units will be granted the right to take a make-up exam before the 2023-2024 academic year begins, (Although these students have the right to take the online exam, they will be granted the right to take a make-up exam if they are unable to take it due to force majeure).

2- For students to follow the announcements (on the web pages and social media platforms) made by their academic units authorized by our University regarding the implementation, assessment, and evaluation of these processes and exams,

3- Any technical problems that may occur in the online exam are the responsibility of the student,

4- To conduct the examination based on the principles of equality, equity, transparency, and audibility of security measures,

5- Cheating or enabling cheating in exams, using technological and other cheating tools, getting someone else to take the exam on their behalf, or taking the exam on someone else’s behalf are acts that require one or two semesters of suspension from the University, and if these acts are committed; the exams of the relevant persons will be cancelled, and action will be taken following Article 54 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, which regulates the disciplinary and criminal affairs of students.

We wish success to all our students.