SEPIP 2021

Main Theme and Sub Themes

The main theme of SEPIP 2021 is Varieties of Industrialization.

Sub themes are as follows:

  • The spread of agro-industrialization along with the newly agriculturizing economies (NAEs),
  • New sources of productivity linkages across industry and high technology services,
  • Can a services-led industrialization be a new opportunity for the developing world? Or is it a farce?
  • Varieties of industrialization pathways across time and space,
  • Is there a certain type of successful industrialization?
  • Premature deindustrialization in the world,
  • What are the relationships between varieties of industrialization and varieties of capitalism which has been a trending topic in economics literature in the last decade?
  • What are the effects of main choices of macroeconomic policy in a given country on its industrialization process?
  • Does the policy set of Washington Consensus contribute or not, to the industrialization process of developing countries? Or does it trigger deindustrialization? How does its imposition result after four decades of its hegemony?
  • Translation of a country's experience of industrialization to other countries,
  • The Political Economy of Industrialization, Sustainable Industrial Development, Capital-intensive vs labor-intensive industrialization.