SEPIP 2020


The objective of the Smart Economic Planning and Industrial Policy (SEPIP) Conference is to bring together researchers, practitioners, regulators and policy makers from the globe with a view to share results of academic studies, exchange views, share experiences and discuss fresh ideas on industrial policy, economic planning and related contemporary tools to support economic development and national competitiveness.

SEPIP is organized by OSTİM Technical University and it aims at developing a platform that enables participants;

to discuss economic development at national and regional levels and the role of industrial policy and planning;
to compare early theoretical and practical motivations for national development planning with those now emerging in the globalized world economy;
to present real-world experiences in industrial policy and planning by international scholars with firsthand experience;
to discuss new tools and approaches to development such as physical infrastructure planning, industrial policy and cluster policy.

The first SEPIP conference, held on 4 May 2014, attracted great interest and there was a wide range of attendance with international speakers from USA and Europe to Singapore and Korea including academicians as well as policy makers and practitioners

This year SEPIP aims at developing a platform enabling participants to discuss economic impact of COVID-19 on the Turkish and world economy  and this year’s main theme is Industrial Outlook and Policies after Covid-19 Pandemic.