Rector's Biography

Born in Ankara in 1968, Murat YÜLEK completed his primary and secondary education at TED Ankara College, andreceived a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degreefrom Boğaziçi University in 1988. He holds master's degreesin business from Yale and Boston Universities and a master'sand doctorate in economics from Bilkent University. He has taught at Georgetown University and worked as a teachingassistant at Yale and Bilkent Universities, and as a researchassistant in the Macromarkets book study of Nobel laureateProf. Robert Shiller of Yale University, published by Oxford University Press. He served as an intern in the EuropeanCommission in Brussels in 1989.


YÜLEK, who served previously as general manager, board member and/or chairman of various financial and industrialcompanies, worked as a project evaluation specialist at theIslamic Development Bank (1998-2001) and as an economistat the IMF (2001-2004), as well as at the World Bank (years?)and as a consultant at other international institutions. In (year) he was the Founding Dean of THK University Faculty of Business Administration and served simultaneously as a member of the University Senate and a member of theUniversity Executive Board.

As part of his international duties, YÜLEK assumed projectand program responsibilities in various developing countries,such as Albania, Malaysia, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mozambique, Benin, Senegal, andSwaziland. He has worked as a specialist or manager in thepreparation of many feasibility studies, impact analyses, macroeconomic and sectoral reports and project documents. He has participated in international meetings and institutionsas an invited speaker, moderator or guest researcher (Global Economic Symposium, COMCEC, Yale University, Duke University, Economic Cooperation Organization, Dubai Economic Council, CFO Forum-Vienna, KhazanahMegatrends Forum, China Institute for International Relations, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, EwhaWomen's University, APU Ritsumeikan University, TheEconomist Round Tables, Wirtshaftsrat, G8 DeauvillePartnership Investment Forum).

Murat YÜLEK has published widely, both domestically andinternationally, on macroeconomics, finance, and financialand economic development. He has been concentrating mostrecently on industrial policies, the effects of publicprocurement policies on technological development, andpolicies in science, industry and innovation. He has publishedsix books on these topics with various publishers, includingSpringer (New York), one of the world's leading scientificpublishers. He has also been asked to contribute to the policytexts prepared by UNOPS from the State of Qatar and theUnited Nations Organization, and has served as a scientificcommittee member, organization committee member andchairman for many academic journals and conferences, including YASED, Milliyet, MÜSİAD, and H.Ü. Professor of Entrepreneurship Awards.          

Dr. Murat YÜLEK was appointed Rector of Ostim Technical University on April 27, 2019.