Quality Control in Production

Quality refers to the conformity of a product or service to a certain standard or customer need. The quality of a product ensures that the product has certain features and features to a certain standard and meets customer needs. Quality increases the competitiveness of businesses by increasing customer satisfaction and reduces costs. For this reason, it covers a process starting from pre-production to customer satisfaction. From raw materials to finished products, quality control is at every step of the production process.

Today, it has gained great importance for businesses to carry out all quality control activities that help them ensure quality standards and increase product quality in the production process. For this reason, while quality control processes are carried out in the production process, it is necessary to control every stage of the product in detail, to ensure its compliance with quality criteria and to keep records at every stage of the quality control process. It is aimed to continuously improve the product quality by performing data analysis of the records kept and taking necessary corrective measures as a result of these analyses. Production Quality Control auditors, who will carry out all these activities, help protect the customer from faulty products and protect the company from loss of reputation that may arise from production processes. In other words, not only is customer satisfaction and trust guaranteed, but also the positive image of the company is maintained. By providing control over production processes and operations with effective inspection and control activities, the company's production costs can be reduced, available resources can be used in the most appropriate way and of course productivity can be increased.

Since quality has become the most important factor for businesses to transfer their activities to future generations, the employment, job and career fields of the students who will graduate from the Quality Control in Production program are gradually increasing. Graduates of this program can work in Certification Bodies (TSE, TÜRKAK, etc.), quality departments of enterprises, enterprises carrying out inspection activities, departments related to production planning of enterprises, departments related to occupational health and safety of enterprises.