Quality Control in Manufacturing

Our Differences

Our Differences
Within the scope of the "Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Model" implemented by OSTİM Technical University, our students studying in the Quality Control program in Production will benefit from the following differences.

Applied Education Model

OSTİM Technical University was established in the business and finance center that has made remarkable contributions to the industrialization of Turkey. In order to benefit from this knowledge, practical training is given importance in addition to theoretical knowledge. Starting from the first year, students will receive practical training in the production units of the enterprises, one course in each semester, in order to gain observation, application, innovation and management skills in the business environment.


Our students will be equipped with basic knowledge about technology-based and design-based entrepreneurship from the first semester; With the Entrepreneurship Project they will develop, they will have the opportunity to test their first business ideas in the first year of their education. Students with successful business ideas and projects will have the chance to establish their own businesses with the support of OSTİM Technical University and OSTİM Technopark.

Entrepreneurship Scorecard

The experiences of our students in the Quality Control in Production program during their two-year university life, the activities they carried out in the Entrepreneurship Project and Applied Education and the training they received will be collected under the OSTİM Technical University Entrepreneurship Scorecard and will be presented to our students during their graduation. In this way, it is aimed that our students can demonstrate their entrepreneurial competencies and experiences while starting their business life and looking for a job.

Our Training Methods

Practical training
workplace training
Preparing project
Onsite application
professional activity
Social activities
Technical tour
social events
In-class and extra-curricular activities