Quality Control in Manufacturing

Quality refers to the conformity of a product or service to a specific standard or customer need. For a product to be considered high-quality, it must meet certain specifications and standards and fulfill customer requirements. Quality enhances customer satisfaction, increases the competitiveness of businesses, and reduces costs. Therefore, it encompasses a process that extends from the pre-production stage to customer satisfaction. Quality control is present at every step of the production process, from raw materials to finished products.

In today's business environment, it has become crucial for organizations to ensure quality standards in their production processes and enhance product quality. Therefore, during the quality control operations in the production process, each stage of the product should be thoroughly examined, ensuring compliance with quality criteria, and maintaining records at every stage of the quality control process. The aim is to perform data analysis on these records, take corrective actions based on the analysis, and continuously improve product quality. Quality control inspectors, who perform these activities, help protect customers from defective products and safeguard the company from potential reputation loss resulting from production processes. In other words, not only customer satisfaction and trust are ensured but also the company's positive image is maintained. Effective auditing and control activities can provide control over production costs, optimal utilization of available resources, and increased efficiency.

Due to the fact that quality has become the most important factor for businesses to transfer their operations to future generations, employment and career opportunities are increasing for graduates of the Production Quality Control associate degree program. Individuals who graduate from this program can find employment in Certification Organizations (such as TSE, TÜRKAK, etc.), quality-related departments of businesses, auditing firms, production planning departments of businesses, and occupational health and safety departments of businesses.

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