President's Message

“We will learn together and produce together, because the world is waiting for us.”

“Form a strong cooperation between the business world, industry and society; to discover the full value creating potential for humanity of students, academicians, and other stakeholders; creating possibilities through higher education of international standard, research, implementation, project infrastructure; with its high level of knowledge and equipment, designed within the framework of human and national values, catering to those who work and live, have creativity, and entrepreneurship; taking the responsibility of the development of education and technology in our country; to strive for the development of our country and our region by creating original projects and solutions; OSTİM Technical University is established to achieve these goals.”

OSTİM has been adding value for more than half a century to the economy and development of our country and the World. We are honored to present OSTIM Technical University to the service of our nation and to  humanity which we believe is the symbol of our faith and the guarantee of handing down to the next generations our production experience

The most positive innovation of this century, in which the production and dissemination of knowledge reaches the highest speed that human history has seen and will accelerate, is the rediscovery of learning by experimenting together. OSTİM Technical University breaks the mould by abandoning the model where adults teaching youth, the experienced teaches unexperienced. We will transform experience together into collaborative learning. Thus, the traditional will update itself with innovation; innovation will deepen with tradition; teachers and students will have the same experience and meet in search of solutions. We are the first witnesses of a future where knowledge and product can build together. We are excited to witness the initiatives and teachings of our young people whom we embrace from all over the world without any discrimination.

Based on this awareness, OSTIM Technical University's education and training approach is to establish an ecosystem to strengthen courage of entrepreneurship and design experience and to lead to discover the potential of our students, academicians, entrepreneurs, employees and all social groups interacting with OSTİM. Our board of trustees, consisting of experienced people in the business and academic world, will expand and develop the current innovative and entrepreneurial learning environment through national and international academic and economic cooperation networks.

This ecosystem will provide the students of OSTİM Technical University, not only to "learn by practising" and “applying”, which are the definitive and universal way of obtaining real information, but also to develop the spirit of generating and sharing value by transforming into benefit what they have learned. We sincerely believe that each of our OSTİM Technical University student will be active participants, not only as a spectator, but also as an active participant in the economic and social life, while designing and building their own future, starting from the very first day of their university life.

With this belief, we invite all our young people to OSTIM Technical University to be a few steps closer to the future they dream of, and to design, build and live a new livable world together. The world is waiting for you.


Best Regards.


Chairman, Board of Trustees, OSTİM Technical University

Chairman, Board of Trustees, OSTİM