Preparatory School

Academic Staff


  Head of Department
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Uludag

Ahmet Uludag holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Arizona State University and is the Director of the Department of Foreign Languages at Ostim Technical University in Ankara, TURKEY. He has been managing project and programs over 20 years and has been directing the Department since March 2020. His work focuses on educational leadership and language policy in foreign languages and online learning and assessment in English as a Foreign Language. He designs educational materials in diverse fields of education and develops these materials for the use of educators and learners. His educational tools varies from special education tools to online language learning materials. He also directed a group of more than 120 employees for the Science and Society Division of the National Council of Science and Technology of Turkey, known as TUBİTAK, overseeing Science Center development and publications with a budget of over 30 million dollars.





  Assist. Prof. Dr. Nesrin Eruysal
After studying at Hacettepe University and Ege University, she earned her doctorate from Hacettepe University, American Culture and Literature in 1999. Specializing in Jungian literary criticism, she is especially interested in Jungian Analytical Psychology, American Poetry and Translation. She has  delivered conference papers on topics related to Jungian psychology as well as on poetry. She has served as editor of Joseph Conrad and His Works (Book of Proceedings of the 10th METU British Novelists Seminar). In addition, her translations of contemporary Turkish poetry (with Ken Fifer and Kenneth Rosen) have appeared in many journals, including The Wolf (UK), Söyleşi Üç Aylik Şiir Dergisi / Conversation Poetry Quarterly (Turkey), Silk Road a literary crossroads (USA), Visions International (USA), Tower Journal (USA),The Literary Review An International Journal of Contemporary Writing (USA), Qarrtsiluni online literary magazine, Turkish Poetry Today (UK) and Mediterranean Poetry an odyssey through the mediterranean world. She is also the translator of two books: CEOkrasi (Company of Citizens) by Brook Manville and Josiah Ober, (MediaCat, 2003) and Şirket Dini (Corporate Religion) by Jesper Kunde (co-translated with Nejat Ulusay) (MediaCat, 2002).

Throughout her teaching career, she has taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in translation and literary theories. She has taught English For Specific Purposes, Contextual Grammar, Advanced Reading and Writing, Translation, Listening and Pronunciation, Novel Analysis, Short Story, Introduction to English Literature, Poetry Analysis and Gender Studies at The Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Education Department of Foreign Language Education and Graduate School of Social Sciences Gender and Women’s Studies, Ankara University and Atılım University. She has also worked as a researcher at the Poetry/Rare Books Collection, State University of New York, Buffalo and a visiting scholar at the Department of English Literature at Lehigh University (PA, USA). As of July 2020, she has started working as an instructor at OSTIM Technical University, Foreign Languages ​​Department.  

Research Interests: Jungian Analytical Psychology, Ecotherapy, Teaching English in the Age of the Anthropocene and Geopoetics.





  Instructor M. Elif Dogdu Ucel
After completing elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia, she moved to Ankara. She graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of American Culture and Literature (2014) and completed her masters in the same department (2019). She received a pedagogical formation certificate (2015) from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Education and a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) from Cambridge University (2015). She worked as a part-time instructor in the Department of Foreign Languages at TOBB University of Economics and Technology (2015-2016), and later went on to work as an English teacher in a private high school between 2016-2020. As of June 2020, she has started working as an instructor at OSTIM Technical University, Foreign Languages Department.


  Instructor Coskun H. Demir
Coskun H. Demir graduated from METU ELT department. He has worked in many institutions ranging from primary schools to language schools and has completed his 6th year as a lecturer and 20th year as a teacher. He has also completed his MA on education. His PhD studies are ongoing. He has been to the US many times and lived there for a short period of time. He has given two seminars at Harvard University and published academic articles, papers and a book. His research interests are leadership, survey methods and curriculum development.




  Tuba Berk
Tuba Berk graduated from TED Ankara College in 1986. She received her BA from Hacettepe university, English Language and Literature department in  1990 and her MA from Bilkent University in 1994. She got her  COTE certificate from Cambridge University in 1993. She undertook responsibilities in materials design and curriculum unit while she was working in  BUSEL  Bilkent University School of English Language (1992-1997). She also worked as the editor of an academic journal during those years. Between 1997-2012 she worked as an instructor first in Faculty  Academic Support Team then in Faculty Academic English unit where she designed and taught Academic Writing, English and Composition I and II, Political Literacy, Social and Political Philosophy I and II courses. During this time, she also worked as a member of final exam committee and undertook the responsibility of professional development of the team she was a part of. She continued her career at Üsküdar University and OSTİM Technical University as the Director of Foreign Languages Department. 




  İlhami Gumus (Part-Time)
He graduated from the Department of Foreign Language Education, the Middle East Technical University in 1994. Since then, he has worked as an English teacher in different universities, high schools and private institutions. He has also worked as a translator. He worked for TÜBİTAK as a translator between 2015 and 2018. Furthermore, he has written textbooks for students in secondary schools. He specializes in teaching TOEFL, IELTS, YDS, writing and speaking as well as general English.



  Fariya Ateek Dogan (Part-Time)
Fariya Ateek Dogan is an English Language Instructor with an experience of 25 years teaching at different educational institutes. She earned her Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics from the University of Punjab and Master’s in ELT from Kinnaird College University in Lahore, Pakistan. She has taught as an EFL/EAP Lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages Preparatory Unit in Çankaya University for more than a decade and teaches professionals business and spoken English. While teaching, Fariya focuses on emotional quotient (EQ), building rapport with her students and adapting a communicative approach in the classroom environment.


  Mustafa Emre Bolukbasi (Part-Time)
E-mail: m.emrebolukbası
Mustafa Emre Bolukbası completed his English Education at the Advanced Level in the Preparatory School of Bilkent University between 2012-2014. He graduated from Baskent University, English Language Teaching Program in 2018 and started his Master Degree in 2019.