Disabilitiy Services

  1. Disability Services Coordinatorship 

The "Engelsiz Ostim Tech" Unit at Ostim Technical University was founded to activate the academic, physical, psychological, and social life of our university's disabled students and to make the required accommodations.

It is in operation today as a unit affiliated with the Rectorate.

  1. Mission-Vision

Vision of Ostim Technical University Disability Services is to be a university where everyone is given equitable access to education and employment possibilities, where academic/social services are actively offered, and to take an innovative and pioneering role with academic and social studies to be carried out in different disciplines.


  • To develop and disseminate appropriate physical areas within the university.
  • To conduct interdisciplinary research and activities to identify problems related to individuals with special needs studying at our university and to develop solution proposals.
  • Meeting the requirements of students with special needs; Providing appropriate consultation services to students, academic, and administrative personnel through awareness-raising programs.
  • To ensure and support the participation of individuals with special needs in social, cultural and sports activities.
  • To organize conferences and symposiums on various subjects for the benefit of students with special needs.
  1. Disability Services Administration
  • President- Vice Rektor Prof. Dr. Ünsal Sığrı
  • Coordinator- Assistant Prof. Dr. Esra Yükseltürk

          Disability Services Board Members

  • Head of Director of Health,Culture and Sport – Ali Osman Karcı
  • Construction Works and Technical Department - Ece Uğurlu Kaplan
  • Student Affairs Department - Nazife Tetik
  • Library and Documentation Department - Songül Çalış Arat
  • Disabled Student Representative- Furkan Kutlu
  1. Disability Academic Representatives

 Disability Services Academic Representatives

Disability Services Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Esra YÜKSELTÜRK 

                    [email protected]/ [email protected] 

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Assoc. Prof. Dr. İhsan Erdem KAYRAL 

[email protected] 

Graduate School of Engineering and Science

Research Assistant Saliha SÖKEN

[email protected] 

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Research Assistant Şeyda OK 

[email protected] 

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Research Assistant Beytullah BEŞKAYA 

[email protected] 

Faculty of Engineering

Lecturer Sema ÇİFTÇİ 

Lecturer Mustafa Sami CÜCEN 

engelsizmü[email protected] 

Vocational School of Higher Education

Lecturer Zehra SEVER 

[email protected] 

Department of Foreign Languages 

Lecturer Ebru KÜRKÇÜ 

[email protected] 

Student Affairs Department

Assistant Specialist Nazife TETİK 

[email protected] 



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