Gender Equity Committee (GEC)

At OSTİM Technical University, our resolve to cultivate a culture of respect and equality is unwavering. The Gender Equity Committee (GEC) exemplifies our dedication to fostering gender equity and ensuring an environment devoid of sexual harassment and assault. The GEC actively implements our comprehensive Gender Equity Plan, which outlines goals and actions to achieve gender parity in all university spheres. 

Understanding Sexual Harassment and Assault

Sexual harassment encompasses any unwelcome sexual behavior, whether verbal, visual, or physical. It disrupts the ability to work and learn and creates a hostile environment.

Sexual assault is a grave infringement that involves non-consensual sexual acts, ranging from unwanted touching to more severe offenses. It is not only a breach of university standards but also a criminal offense.

 The Role of Consent

Consent is a conscious, voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. It must be clear and ongoing throughout any sexual encounter. Consent is never implied, and the absence of resistance does not equate to consent. It cannot be granted when a person is incapacitated or coerced. 

Our Mission and Gender Equity Plan:

  • Uphold gender equity principles across campus.
  • Address inquiries and issues concerning sexual harassment and assault.
  • Provide immediate assistance and ongoing support to those impacted by gender-related discrimination.
  • Navigate individuals through a transparent and sensitive reporting mechanism.
  • Deliver preventive and educational programs that emphasize respectful conduct and equity.
  • Organize seminars and activities that promote understanding and advocacy for gender equity. 

Implementing the Gender Equity Plan:

  • Conduct regular assessments to track progress toward gender parity.
  • Develop targeted recruitment and retention strategies to support underrepresented groups.
  • Review and revise policies to ensure they support gender equity.
  • Provide training and development opportunities that advance leadership skills across all genders.
  • Establish mentorship programs to empower individuals from diverse gender identities.
  • Engage in community partnerships to broaden the impact of our gender equity initiatives. 

Connect With Us

For gender equity concerns or to report an incident: [email protected]

University diversity officer: Melike Aktaş Bozkurt, PhD

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