Maternity and Paternity Policies

5.6.3.  - According to Article 74 of Labor Law No. 4857, female employees are granted sixteen weeks of paid leave, eight weeks before and eight weeks after childbirth. If the doctor approves, the personnel may work at the workplace until three weeks before the birth, provided a report is submitted. In this case, five weeks of unused leave shall be added to the eight weeks of postnatal leave to be used as thirteen weeks.

The personnel eight weeks away from giving birth shall apply to the relevant hospital with the appropriately dated visitation paper to be obtained from the Human Resources Department and obtain a temporary incapacity certificate. The personnel keep one copy of this document, and one copy is given to the Human Resources Department.

After the birth, the birth report of the baby is delivered to the Human Resources Department.

Administrative or academic staff who return to work after their maternity permit has ended are directed to the Social Security Institution or the Post Office after the Human Resources Department performs the necessary procedures to receive the incapacity allowance due to childbirth from the Social Security Institution.

For babies under 1 year old, one and a half hours of milk permission can be used daily.

According to 4857 numbered Labor Law Additional Article 2, Paragraph 1, the paternity leave foreseen for private sector employees within the scope of Labor Law No. 4857 is 5 days. - "The employee is granted three days paid leave in case of marriage or adoption or death of his/her parents, spouse, sibling or child, and five days paid leave in case his/her spouse gives birth." 

Regulations: https://www.mevzuat.gov.tr/MevzuatMetin/1.5.4857-20140910.pdf

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