Informal Education

Ostim Technical University adopts and aims to spread equality of opportunity in education. 

It organizes trainings and activities that concern their fields to people from all walks of life, fields and ages free of charge. It provides trainings, seminars and consultancy services to businesses in all areas of the business world. It organizes trainings for children and young people of all ages when needed. As included in its own student recruitment policy, it offers access to all kinds of activities not only for young people who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey, but also for all citizens of the world without discrimination of ethnicity, race, language, religion, social status, gender, physical disability, external appearance, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, age and ideological opinion. 

The webinars, symposiums, conferences and academic trainings that our university has made about the fields that concern each academic department are open to the public and free of charge from the youtube channel of our university. Free design workshop activities were held by our academicians of the Faculty of Architecture to students who are not members of our university in the summer period.