Employment Policies

8.2.1. - Employment Practice Living Wage All staff and faculty at OSTİM Technical University are paid at least the living wage (defined as the local living wage) or the local poverty indicator for a family of four. The government sets the salaries of academic and administrative staff at the country’s state universities. The 11th article of the Law No. 7243 added the following provision to the additional article 8 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, which entered into force on 17.04.2020, when the Law was published in the Official Gazette: “According to their titles, faculty working in foundational higher education institutions cannot be paid less than faculty working in state higher education institutions. The payments based on the staff for which the provisions regarding pensions are applied in accordance with the relevant legislation are taken into account in the calculation of the precedent fee paid in the State higher education institutions within the scope of this paragraph.” OSTİM-Tech follows the rules of the law. In addition, annual inflation is factored into the raise rate. All academic and administrative staff at the university receive a net monthly salary that exceeds the subsistence limit (excluding additional fees).

8.2.2. - Employment Practice Unions Article 23 of the Regulation on Foundation Higher Education Institutions states that “The working principles of academic and administrative personnel who will work in foundation higher education institutions are subject to the provisions outlined in Law No. 2547 for state universities. In terms of these personnel's rights, the provisions of Labor Law No. 4857 are applied.” Employees’ union and worker rights are recognized by Labor Law No. 4857. Employee rights are determined through negotiations between employers and labor unions. All employees receive annual leave, additional pay, promotion, raise, and so on. OSTİM-Tech abides by these regulations and laws.  

8.2.3. - Employment Policy On Discrimination OSTİM-Tech prohibits discrimination and harassment based on age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression (including transgender and gender expansive identities), genetic information, marital status, familial status, or an individual’s reproductive health decision-making, military/veteran status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, citizenship status, arrest or conviction record, or any other legal status. Discrimination or harassment based on these classes will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.

8.2.4. - Employment Policy Modern Slavery OSTİM-Tech is committed to ensuring and actively monitoring that modern slavery and human trafficking do not occur in any of its operations or supply chain. Modern slavery refers to situations in which offenders exploit victims and undermine their freedom through coercion, threats, or deception. Modern slavery can include the following practices: human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced labor, debt bondage, forced marriage, and all examples of child labor.

8.2.5. - Employment Practice Equivalent Rights Outsourcing OSTİM-Tech is committed to providing outsourced employees with equal rights and opportunities (temporary and on contract). The university ensures that all employees (faculty and staff) understand the rights, rules, and regulations regarding outsourcing work.

8.2.6. - Employment Policy Pay Scale Equity OSTİM-Tech pays all employees equally and is committed to creating a pay scale based on reasonable standards based on each individual’s qualifications. Unfair pay shall not be based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, status as an individual with a physical or mental disability unrelated to ability, military status, genetic information, marital status, parental status, ancestry, or source of income. This policy includes a pledge to keep the workplace free of inequity and discrimination. All employees should be paid equally for the same or broadly similar work, work rated as equivalent, and work of equal value. This policy covers all forms of pay, including salary, bonuses, social insurance, vacation and holiday pay, reimbursement for travel expenses, and benefits.

8.2.7. - Tracking Pay Scale For Gender Equity Maintaining equity in all aspects of the employee experience is critical at OSTİM-Tech. At OSTİM-Tech, wages are determined by the scale approved by the board of trustees that does not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, or any other factor. This is outlined in The University Employment Policies and it is carried out when the recruitment office under the Office of the President prepares and distributes job offers.

8.2.8. - Employment Practice Appeal Process For employees to appeal their pay or any other right, OSTİM-Tech is going to establish a clear mechanism and process. Employees at OSTİM-Tech have the right to work in an environment free of harassment and discrimination. OSTİM-Tech first and foremost strives to ensure such a workplace, while acknowledging that some cases are unavoidable. As a result, OSTİM-Tech is going to provide its employees with a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that provide mechanisms for employees to raise grievances, including for pay, through channels leading all the way up to the university’s president.




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