Public Resources

OSTIM Technical University is based on being accessible in each of its services. Easy and quick access is possible from the website.

Our external users who are not students of our university; they have free access to the course resources, printed books, periodicals and databases purchased by the library from within the campus. In addition, they can benefit from the wifi service in the library reading rooms and the computers in the library free of charge. 

By making a protocol when necessary for off-campus access, our external users can benefit from all educational resources free of charge. 

The resources offered as open access on the library web page are compiled for users and they can access them with a single click. External users who are not members of our university do not pay a fee at the entrance to the campus. 

All these services are specified in the library directive and the directive is accessed from the web page.

Our external users can access the face-to-face trainings held by our university and the library for their users free of charge from within the campus and online trainings free of charge from the Youtube page of the relevant company we cooperate with.

The webinars, symposiums, conferences and academic trainings that our university has made about the fields that concern each academic department are open to the public and free of charge from the youtube channel of our university. Free design workshop activities were held by our academicians of the Faculty of Architecture to students who are not members of our university in the summer period.

Within the body of OSTIM Technical University;

"In line with the developing human resources needs of SMEs today and the future, OSTİM Technical University Lifelong Education Center was put into operation, which adopts a widespread service understanding with the aim of increasing student competencies and competencies, obtaining work and developing employee capacity, with the theme of New Generation Technologies, Design and Advanced Manufacturing Techniques."


In addition to the vocational and technical education that we will offer with the focus of new generation technologies, design and advanced manufacturing techniques, it is to bring all the personal and managerial skills of the 21st Century to all segments of the society from International Trade to Communication Network Management, from Database Management to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture, from New Generation Logistics and Supply Chain applications to Digital Media Applications and STEM Trainings.

In addition to its experienced management team, qualified, professional development trainer & expert staff, together with the vision, mission and training staff of OSTIM Technical University, OSTIM has completed its structuring to spread its 50 years of production experience and the experience of sector experts, effective and widespread solution partnership and network structure to all segments of society as an advantage.