Education Policy

Our fundamental objectives are to deliver education of a World Class (Class A) standard, to create an internationally competitive and innovative university system, to reform society, authority, and business, to guarantee national development, and to create institutional, cultural, and intellectual values.

Intelligence, talent, leadership and entrepreneurial skills do not depend on people's economic status. We want to be sure our doors are open to young people from across the globe.

We create inclusive and sustainable programs for all world citizens in our associate, undergraduate, and graduate degrees. By embracing the concept of lifelong learning, we provide trainings that offer program-based or specialized training to everyone. In this context, we offer trainings focused on entrepreneurial, leadership-based, and multi-faceted development for various areas of interest, in addition to the vocational and technical trainings conducted by the University Lifelong Learning Center.

We care about equality in opportunity and aim to spread it in the field of education. We organize trainings and events related to their fields for people from all walks of life and age. We provide trainings, seminars and consultancy services to businesses in all areas of the business world and to children, youth and individuals of all ages. As it is included in our student admission policy, we are trying to provide access to all kinds of activities, not only to young people who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey, but also to all citizens of the world, regardless of their ethnic origin, race, language, religion, social status, gender, physical disability, appearance, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, age, ideology.

We attach importance to the continuation of education and training not only on campus, but also outside the campus. To enhance off-campus learning options, we offer online access to our trainings. At the same time, we visit various educational settings to guarantee that everyone may take advantage of these chances. We organize trainings, seminars, conferences, and workshops in this context. With these trainings, we hope to improve people's professional and entrepreneurial skills as well as develop more globally aware and socially conscious individuals.


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