OSTİM Technical University, the University of the Industrial World, which has developed and grown rapidly since its establishment, has become an essential and well-known educational institution in the academic field of the world with its student profile from more than 70 different countries, European Union Projects, International Funds, and R&D studies.

In recent years, especially as a result of the interviews and visits carried out in the geography of Turkistan, OSTİM Technical University has accelerated its cooperation efforts.  OSTIM Technical University, which has a representative office in Azerbaijan, started to address the Turkish geography in the region.

While providing academic personnel exchange with Turkish Kyrgyz Manas University, R&D projects have started to be led with the cooperation carried out by technology transfer offices. While providing technical consultancy to the government of Kyrgyzstan on the Regional Development Model, an academic report was provided to pioneer the development of the Batken region of this country with the OSTIM Model.

Academicians and Technology Transfer Center Coordinators from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan examined the working principles and projects of OSTİM Technical University. With the project supported by GIZ GmbH, the Vice-Rectors and Academic staff of Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, Alma-Ata Technical University, Kyrgyz State Technical University, and the Tajikistan University of Technology examined at the university to conduct bilateral meetings and technical examinations on technology transfer. In the meeting where Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek, Rector of OSTİM Technical University, Vice-Rectors, Deans, and Technology Transfer Office Manager were present, bilateral cooperation agreements were signed, and an agreement was reached to carry out the work on an official and planned basis.


“Turkestan Geography Has a Very Special Position for Us”

Welcoming the guests at the Rectorate Office before the meeting and signing ceremony, Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek stated that the Turkestan geography has an important position and that there is a bond of the heart. We had previously organized visits to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. During these visits, we had the opportunity to meet with both public institutions and non-governmental organizations. We held one-on-one meetings with the representatives of the universities in the region. We have seen that there is great affection and expectation for Türkiye in that region. In this case, as OSTİM Technical University, we brought together our academic staff and academic institutions in these countries with online meetings. We have taken the first physical step by establishing a representative office in Azerbaijan. Afterward, with the protocol we signed with the Turkish-Kyrgyz Manas University in Kyrgyzstan, we paved the way for our academics to provide education to students in Kyrgyzstan. Our university academicians visited the region and contacted different universities, and negotiations were held to make bilateral cooperation agreements. As a result, our guests from 4 different countries are with us today. Today we are taking steps to take these agreements further. Our deans will meet with each other and discuss the main agenda items, such as joint education programs, student exchange, R&D-oriented projects, and technology transfer. I would like to thank our esteemed Vice-Rectors and Academicians for their visit."

The members of the delegation, who examined the laboratories of OSTİM Technical University, were informed about the R&D projects carried out by academicians and students together by the Director of Technology Transfer Office, Inst. Gökhan Topal provided technical information. Within the scope of university-industry cooperation, the team, which examined and received information on the electric tractors, agricultural uncrewed aerial vehicles, test centers, and robotic equipment production activities carried out within the university, was also informed about administrative and educational areas. Dr. Derya Çağlar, General Manager of OSTİM Technopark, provided information about the establishment, working processes, and services the Technopark offers. Guests were informed about the INNO 14 Acceleration Center and Prota Workshop, which are significant for start-ups and academicians, especially in OSTIM Technopark.

"We Want to Bring the Experiences of OSTİM Technical University to Our University and Our Country"

Kyrgyz Technical State University Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Torobekov Bekzhan Torobekovich said: "We signed a cooperation protocol with OSTİM Technical University last year. Following this protocol, our academics were in constant contact. As a result of this, we visited OSTİM Technical University in Türkiye with the contribution of the GIZ program. We were warmly welcomed by Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek and the administrators. We had the opportunity to listen to the R&D projects carried out by Instructor Gökhan Topal, Director of the Technology Transfer Office.

Torobekovich said: “We see that the concept of university-industry cooperation runs effectively here. Many projects have started, patent applications have been made, and R&D projects have been carried out with SMEs in the region. We will be working on how to carry these studies to Kyrgyzstan and integrate the projects formed here into our country commercially and academically."

 "Our Door is Always Open to Our Sister Countries"

Orhan Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of OSTİM Technical University said: “These countries are our friendly sister countries; we are delighted to have them here. They are here as guests of our university, but we are ready to offer all support to our guests as OSTİM stakeholders Teknopark, Organized Industrial Zone, Clusters, and SMEs. As OSTİM, I would like to express that we are open to all kinds of cooperation. Our heart, our institution, and our region are open to possible collaborations. Each guest from these countries represents a special place for us.”

Adem Arıcı, Director of OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, made an informative presentation to the academic staff about the areas of responsibility and working methods of OSTİM Industrial Zone, while the activities of OSTİM Foundation, OSTİM Investment, and OSTİM stakeholders were introduced. OSTİM Sectoral clusters, Rail Transportation Systems, Rubber Technologies, Communication Technologies, Medical Industry, Energy and Environment, Defense and Aviation, Construction, and Construction Machinery clusters provided technical information about their fields of work.