OSTIM Technical University Squeezed the World into the University

OSTIM Technical University, known as the University of Industry, organized its fourth International Culture Day, which is traditionally held every year. The university, which hosts foreign students from 70 different countries, provided an opportunity for students to experience various cultures, cuisines, and dances from different nations.

Sponsored by Campus Turkey, the International Culture Day at OSTIM Technical University saw the participation of ambassadors from the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, and the Dominican Republic, including Said Sani ez-Zahiri, Aşrafcon Gulov, and Elias Serulle.

During this event, international students, country embassies, and internationally-oriented NGOs showcased their own cultures. The Yunus Emre Institute, Asma Köprü International Student Association, Overseas Turks and Kin Communities, and 8 country stands (Italy, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Paraguay, and Sudan) created a diverse cultural mosaic that drew attention.

The United Arab Emirates Embassy’s photo exhibition, the University Folk Dance Society, and regional dance performances from the Middle East and Africa added color to the International Culture Day.

In his opening speech, Prof. Dr. Murat Ali Yülek, the Rector of OSTIM Technical University, stated: “As OSTIM Technical University, in line with our vision of internationalization, we aim to increase our international academics and students. In this context, the International Culture Day event, which brings together domestic and foreign academics and students under our university’s roof, is held annually as a tradition. I extend my gratitude to the embassies, institutes, and representatives that participated and contributed to our event with their cultures, and I wish everyone a delightful day.

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