OSTİM Foundation

OSTIM Education, Research, Development, Enhancement and Solidarity Foundation was founded in 1993 by OSTIM Cooperative, notably for our region and our country's businesses;

  • To create a training, research, development, innovation, entrepreneurship and cooperation eco-system in order to increase management, production, innovation and technological capabilities.
  • To realize the economic and social solidarity amongst its members and to ensure the sustainability of OSTİM’s financial and moral trusts and the organizations established thereof.

Within the framework of Regional and Sectoral Development Goals;

OSTİM Foundation continues to work in line

To organize training and applied training programs for the training of qualified personnel needed by enterprises, to establish take over and operate schools and educational institutions at all levels such as middle, high school, college, advanced technology institute, faculty, university and auxiliary institutions, to operate. To cooperate with the universities and domestic and international organizations that organize training programs, to support them financially and morally, and to grant scholarships to the persons identified by the donors listed in the attached list, within the framework of the foundation scholarship regulation,

To establish, develop and support innovative and technology-based competition-oriented enterprises,

To participate in cooperation networks and organizing conferences, seminars, fairs and meetings; to carry out all kinds of printing and publishing activities and to support all activities for this purpose

To develop projects and activities to ensure economic, social and cultural cooperation and unity between members of the Foundation