OSTİM Technical University Vocational School has been established for educating skilled technical staff via providing vocational and technical education for Turkey’s prospective future. Our purpose is becoming one of the leading pre-licensing education institutions in the country. We implement training activities in order to generate professionals with high technical capabilities and to stimulate them to become technologically equipped, analytical, and solution-oriented,individuals in their profession and therefore, we aim to create individuals who will lead in creating differences in the businesses they work in, to the profession and life in the family environment.

It is among our primary targets to provide added value to the country's economy with industry-oriented projects by bridging the link between theory and practice in the most effective way by emphasizing university-industry cooperation on the road we set off with the understanding of third generation university. We proceed confidently beyond the age of becoming a new generation university with education programs that will enable students who are trained in the departments under the Vocational School of Vocational Education to become qualified and competent staff in the sectors they are interested in.

In this context, to enhance theoretical training and practices in a complementary way with the laboratories established within the university, we carry out our education programmes with the support of industrial enterprises in the industrial zone of OSTİM, a large stakeholder such as OSTİM Technopark and the foundation with a long tradition like OSTİM Foundation.

To attain our aims, we emphasize the importance of on-the-job training with different methods. Our students are involved in several on-the-job training courses in their curriculum in order to increase their capacity to adopt work environments and to gain experience for businness life. Furthermore, we introduce some differentiated course to improve their entrepreneurial and intellectual capacities so that they can take full advantage of their university life.

Job oppurtunities

Automotive Industry

Defense, Space and Aviation

Sectors operating in the fields related to the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

Machinery Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Machines Industry and affiliated sectors etc.


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