Marketing Club

Marketing Maestros 

About Us 

We are the first Marketing Club established within the OSTİM Technical University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences to increase the awareness of students in the field of marketing, to contribute to their development and to organize conferences, seminars and webinars with the leading names of the sector. 


As a club, we bring together the brightest minds interested in exploring the ever-changing dynamics of marketing. The club aims to keep its members up to date with the latest developments in marketing while integrating the vast experience of its members in functions and industries such as Social Media and tools, Advertising, Research, Sales, Brand communication, Digital marketing. 

We firmly believe that a solid marketing education is the ideal blend of a world-class curriculum and practical learning opportunities. For this reason, the club tries to create opportunities for members to learn by doing. 


To be an experience house centered on creativity, marketing Activities and community interaction. 

To instill marketing knowledge that encourages students to offer thought-provoking solutions to those in need. 

Fields of Activity 

  • Branding, Brand Management and Brand Strategy 
  • Marketing Communications 
  • Market Research 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Advertising and Social Media 
  • Social responsibility 


  • By organizing activities in the field of marketing, we aim to increase the awareness level of everyone who aims a career in this field, who wants to improve in marketing in their academic career, and who is interested in marketing. 
  • For everyone who is interested in marketing, we aim to increase their experience and practice in this field through the events we will organize as a club. 
  • One of the aims of our club is to prepare students for the business world by providing them with problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills in the field of marketing. 
  • It is aimed to investigate the effects of big data, social media, Web 5.0, Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, Internet of Things on marketing. 
  • Networking events with guest speakers or successful alumni from relevant marketing and business fields and opportunities to acquire internships or mentors to support your career path through these events. Organizing special speaker panels throughout the year to address various industries and functional roles. Marketing-focused field trips and facility tours; organization of on-site and off-site workshops involving the participation and expertise of regional businesses. 


  •  Development of individual skills of the student. 
  •  Experience new skills in club activities. 
  •  Gain confidence in expressing your own ideas and speaking in public. 
  •  Improve time management and problem solving abilities.