Program Qualifications


Marketing Department Program Qualifications

1. Understanding the formal and informal processes associated with a business structure

2. Evaluate a business on the basis of all functional units

3. To use analytical thinking effectively in the decisions taken for the problem solving process

4. Having a vision of self-improvement and learning

5. To carry out all activities within this framework, equipped with ethics

6. To analyze the cases encountered by doing research and studies individually and as a team within the organization.

7. To convey his thoughts and suggestions at the level of knowledge and skills he has acquired in the field of marketing to the relevant people in writing and orally

8. Developing effective and creative marketing mix strategies that will adapt to different market conditions and buyer types in national and international dimensions

9. To have the ability to interpret and analyze data, to identify problems and to suggest solutions by using the knowledge acquired in the field of marketing

10. To have sufficient awareness of the universality of social rights, social justice, quality and cultural values, environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

11. Evaluate the knowledge and skills gained by the marketing education with a critical perspective within the framework of the practices in business life.

12. To follow and correctly interpret the current trends developing within the framework of marketing