The world is becoming not labor intensive, not material intensive, not energy intensive, but knowledge intensive" — Peter Drucker 

Globalization and developments in information communication technologies have caused a transformation in all areas of society. An information-based network society structuring has emerged, which is formed by smart / digital systems and that encompasses communities all around, which can be easily accessed from anywhere and anytime. These developments both changed the lifestyles of consumers and also changed the way and models of businesses. As a result of the rapid change and transformation, the changes in consumer lifestyles, demands and needs have caused changes in the market conditions of the businesses. The ever-changing, deep and complex market conditions have also changed the structure and nature and qualification of competition. In addition, the elimination of obstacles to free market economy and international trade has led to an increase in trade volume and an intense competition environment. The changes have revealed different concepts such as production, product, sales, marketing and societal marketing in marketing, which has a dynamic structure. In short, it has evolved from the idea of "whatever I produce, I sell it" to the understanding of "establishing a sustainable relationship with customers" and "expressing value for the whole society"., Businesses have started to seek competitive advantage strategies that are different from their competitors and create value in this intense competitive environment.

The curriculum, prepared with an interdisciplinary approach, provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, mathematics and statistics. As the marketing department, we aim to train managers / experts who can analyze consumer demands and needs, and have knowledge of marketing mix, marketing communication, marketing strategies, marketing information systems, integrated marketing communications, marketing research, mastering post modern marketing and international marketing issues and processes and managing these processes, competitive, innovative and have knowledge of foreign languages.

Academic Achievements of Our Students

The marketing department includes courses such as economics, marketing, business, management and organization, financial accounting, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, mathematics and statistics. In addition to the theoretical courses prepared with an interdisciplinary approach, our students;

  • They acquire the concepts and theories that will use to solve problems related to different areas of business. 
  • They can evaluate the internal and external environment problems of the business and gain research skills about where the necessary resources for solution can be obtained. 
  • They can produce and analyze innovativeentrepreneurial and creative strategies in marketing and business practices. 
  • They have the knowledge and skills and process and process management competence in the analysis of consumer demands and needsmarketing mix, marketing communication, marketing strategies, marketing information systemsintegrated marketing communication, marketing research, post-modern marketing, and international marketing. 
  • They have knowledge about target market selectionappropriate goods and services for target marketsand appropriate strategy selection iorder to increase the global competitiveness of businesses. 
  • They learn how localregional and international markets operate and what kind of activities and how these activities can be carried out in these markets. 
  • They can analyze the effects of economictechnologicalsocial and cultural issues on marketing decisions. 
  • They can follow and interpret the developments all over the world in areas such as marketingbusiness and management. 
  • By applying methods such as simulated learningexperiential activities and learning through interdisciplinary projectsthey will have the opportunity to increase and highlight their theoretical knowledge and skills thanks to contemporary knowledge and approaches in marketing such as digital technologiescreativity and innovation management. 

Our Contribution Targets to Our Country and the World

  • To educate  qualified managers / expert personnel who can adapt quickly to the rapid changes in dynamic marketing, able to apply and manage new marketing techniques. 
  • To educate qualified personnel for the managerial and operational activities of marketing departments, 
  • To contribute to the production of high added valueto increase the competitivenessto the development of marketing capabilities and to guide the economictechnologicalsocial and cultural development of our country with its qualified managers and expert staff, 
  • Contributing to the development of enterprisesdigital and entrepreneurial competenciesmarketing innovation performance and marketing capabilities, 
  • To contribute to the development of entrepreneurialinnovative and marketing-oriented aspects of enterprises, 
  • Guiding the internationalization of businesses, 
  • Contributing to the development of the country and the region by producing original projectsideas and products in the field of marketing, 
  • To enrich the education and training principles and models in our country and the world with innovative and creative approaches. 

Working Areas of Graduates

Our students who graduate from the english marketing program can work in various departments of national and international businesses, institutions and organizations such as marketing, sales and promotion in areas such as market research, digital marketing, digital promotion, brand development, social media marketing and product development. However, graduates of the program can establish their own businesses, as well as manage the relevant departments of international businesses. In addition, they can work in many units in their fields in public institutions as well as in the private sector. Graduates of this department have all the rights of graduates of other economic and administrative sciences.

Job Opportunities

The fact that the marketing program is in English and the content of the course is oriented towards global changes and innovations helps our students who graduate from the marketing program easily find jobs in international institutions / organizations and companies. The fact that the applied training given to our students takes place in OSTİM industrial zone enterprises provides a great opportunity for our students to gain job opportunities after graduation. Our students will have the opportunity to work as a manager / specialist staff in marketing departments of OSTIM industrial enterprises, especially in other operational and managerial areas.