Management Information Systems (Turkish Program)


Dear Management Information Systems Students;

OSTIM Industrial Area, which is the heart of the fields of production, R&D, design and engineering and which is shown as an example in the international arena with its success in the Regional Development Model; aims to transfer its experiences to new generations. OSTIM Technical University has become the center of these experiences which are aimed to be transferred. The main goal of our university is that our friends who have completed their undergraduate education with innovative education methods are graduated as self-confident and experienced individuals.

As the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, it is one of our most important goals to raise individuals who can fulfill the requirements of the globalizing world who have high imagination and self-confidence and to show them the realities of business life while still continuing their education. Our faculty continues its activities with a perspective that emphasizes the entrepreneurial spirit and is not afraid of taking risks. The opportunities offered by our university to its students are constantly increasing and developing in this direction.

As the Management Information Systems department, it is our priority to raise individuals with high awareness in this increasingly competitive environment. In this context; Our primary goal is to train managers who can manage and develop information systems and actively design and use them.

Our department will begin its classes with its first students in the 2020-2021 Academic Year. In this context; I say good luck to all our students who will be with us in our first year and wish them success. 

Head of Management Information Systems Department