Management Information Systems (Turkish Program)

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First of all, I would like to talk about why I chose OSTİM Technical University. OSTİM Technical University is a university that is intertwined with the industrial sector and provides you with the opportunity to easily present the projects you can do in your student life to the investors. It provides the opportunity for Workplace experience (internship in the semester) throughout your education process, and also mediates many training and certificate programs. In addition to all these, our university provides education in this direction by following modern technological developments. One of the best features of the Management Information Systems department is; It is our ability to easily share information with academics and discuss the issues. In addition, thanks to the competent knowledge of our academic staff, we can learn how and where the information we learned in the course should be used in business life.



Sıla Başak ATİLA / MIS

After the academic year started, I realized that studying at OSTİM Technical University was one of the greatest opportunities I had. Whether it's the academics who care about our problems and don't look down on the students, the management staff that keeps the student in the foreground and is always accessible, and the opportunities provided to us that no other university has so far; It is an institution that brings a new understanding to the concept of university in every field. While the department I am studying has shown its value and meaning to the whole market, especially in recent years, OSTİM Technical University is the only university where I can get this education through applications and by doing internships within the scope of Workplace experience from the 1st year. When I think that I will graduate with 4 years of experience by gaining experience from the 1st year with the internship opportunities it provides, I see what a right choice I made. I am really happy to be a part of this family.



Ahmet Selim ERDOĞAN / MIS

The reason why I chose OSTİM Technical University is not to emphasize theory to students, but to show the place of theory in practice. The internship we have done within the scope of Workplace Experience Course every semester at OSTİM adapts us to business life while we are studying. Our university's modern equipped campus and practical workshop facilities become one of the indispensable centers for entrepreneurs. While providing academic staff-student cooperation opportunities with support and opinion leadership, many professional business people in the sector convey their experiences, bringing a new generation model to the university culture. The Management Information Systems department, on the other hand, is a department that fully utilizes technology and business in an interactive way. The sharing of ideas and information about all subjects with our valuable staff in our department makes us privileged Management Information Systems graduates. When I became a member of this family, I said that I made the right choice.








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