Management Information Systems (Turkish Program)

Department of Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is a field that combines and study business and informatics. With the occurring innovations in the field of informatics more effective and efficient decision making processes have emerging. In addition, managing information systems has become a subject of management in itself. Therefore, issues concerning Management Information Systems have emerged through the interaction and integration of these two fields.

The main purpose of the Management Information Systems program is to educate effective and competent multi-faceted executive candidates who master contemporary information applications, recognize innovations such as electronic commerce, supply chain, decision support applications, and expert systems.


Our Contribution Targets to Our Country and the World

  • To educate graduates who can easily adapt and participate in the speed of globalization, innovations and technological developments, think strategically and analytically and make decisions in this way; who are in the management and functioning of national and international information systems, are sought in national and international markets,
  • To produce knowledge through quality scientific research in priority areas and to present original solutions for various problems by transferring this information to students, production areas and other segments of society,
  • To develop country and region by producing original projects, ideas and products in the field,
  • To produce solutions to social problems in cooperation with different segments of the society and to contribute to the social life of the society through social responsibility projects and cultural / artistic and sporting activities,
  • To work as a part of the solution of financial and economic problems in the world in cooperation with international public-private institutions / organizations and non-governmental organizations, to take an active role in forming their policies on these issues,
  • To contribute to the industry to produce high added value, to increase competitiveness and to guide the economic, technological, social and cultural development of our country,
  • To enrich education and training principles and models in our country and in the world with innovative and creative approaches.


Academic Achievements of Our Students

There are basic courses such as programming, software, hardware, data mining, economics and management in the Management Information Systems program. The student who takes these courses gets basic information in the field of Management Information Systems. Mathematics, analysis, and design-based courses are also included in the program to enable students to develop analytical thinking and technical skills. In addition, the curriculum offers advanced elective courses in the field to allow students to focus on their desired areas. Educational approaches, methods, and techniques such as case study analysis, simulations, workshops, conferences and teamwork is used in the courses while enhanced with new technologies.


Working Areas of Graduates

Students who graduate from the program find the opportunity to work in both the private, and public sectors. Students are primarily educated for to be employed in institutions, organizations and private companies operating at national, international and global levels.


Developed economies in the world are transformed into knowledge-based economies by moving away from being industry-based. Additionally, Service and IT sectors are developing rapidly with the developements of information technologies. These indicators imply that these areas will also develop at great speed in Turkey in the coming years as well. Although there has been an increasing demand for people who have studied Management Information Systems; the number of people graduating from this program is considerably less in Turkey. For this reason, it is observed that graduates from this program will have a lot of employment opportunities and their income will be generally above the average income of university graduates.



Job Opportunities

Students who graduate from the Management Information Systems program can take positions in information technology related positions such as system designer and manager, network manager, database systems specialist, web design specialist, computer programmer and software developer, information security specialist. They can work in positions such as management, coordination, project management or consultancy in many sectors and fields such as telecommunication, e-commerce, e-business, banking, insurance, accounting and similar for the design, installation and management of systems such as reality technologies, cloud systems and mobile communication systems.