Management Information Systems (English Program)

Program Competencies

Management Information Systems Program Competencies

Graduate of the program shall;

1. Recognize and distinguish the basic concepts such as data, information, and knowledge in the field of Management Information Systems and know the processes to be followed for data acquisition, storage, updating, and security

2. Develop and manage databases suitable for collecting, storing, and updating data

3. As a result of his/her ability to think algorithmically, easily find solutions to the problems concerning the basic business functions

4. Learn programming logic, have information about current programming languages

5. Be able to use up-to-date programming languages

6. Be able to take part in teamwork or lead a team using knowledge of project management processes

7. Know ethical and legal rules, use professional field knowledge within the scope of ethical and legal rules

8. Have knowledge in the fundamental areas of business administration namely management and organization, production, finance, marketing, numerical methods, accounting, etc., and have the knowledge and skills to work in-depth in at least one of them  

9. Be able to solve the problems encountered in the field of internet programming by designing web applications

10. Develop and manage logistics and supply chain management activities.

11. Adapt his/her theoretical knowledge and the experience he/she will gain through practice at the departments of businesses such as information technologies, R&D, and management to real life.

12. Be able to develop strategies that will provide a competitive advantage with his/her advanced knowledge of management strategies and management functions

13. Develop a business idea, commercialize the business idea, and design and manage his/her own venture using entrepreneurial knowledge

14. By using English effectively, they can follow, read, write, speak and communicate universal information in the field of management information systems in a foreign language with professional competence.

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