Management Information Systems (English)

Faculty Members


Assoc. Prof. Hakan EREN (Department Head) 

Hakan EREN, who graduated from the System Engineering undergraduate program, completed his master's and doctoral studies in Technology Management. In 2011, he received Operations Research and System Analysis training at the US Army Logistics University. During his public service between 1995-2021, he carried out tasks in the field of R&D and defense project management, research methods and multivariate statistical analysis, providing decision support and strategic planning. Between 2018-2021, he gave lectures (Defense Technologies and Innovation Management, Management and Organization, Cyber Warfare and Information Security, Research Methods, etc.) at Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy, Turkish Military Academy and Yıldırım Beyazıt University. Associate Professor Hakan EREN continues to carry out academic studies in the fields of Technology and Innovation Management, R&D Management, Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship.

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Assist. Prof. Ozan GÜLHAN (Ph.D)

Ozan GÜLHAN, Ph.D. is a Faculty Member of OSTİM Technical University, Management Information Systems Department. He took part in the management and organization of various projects carried out by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on behalf of government. He has been part of various committees related to regulation of the financial sector within the scope of international standards and practices, and he has also worked as a senior manager in national and international financial institutions. After his academic studies abroad with a scholarship, he has given lectures and seminars in the area of finance and banking designed for public and private officials. He has many national and international academic studies on international auditing and accounting standards, banking, risk management, European Union, corporate governance, anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing.

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Assist. Prof. Cemalettin Öcal FİDANBOY (Ph.D.)

Dr. C. Öcal Fidanboy received his B.Sc. Degree from Chemical Engineering Department of Ankara University, his first MSc. degree from Chemical Engineering Department of  Hacettepe University and his second MSc. degree from Computer Engineering Department of Çankaya University. He completed his Ph.D. education in the field of Management Organization at Başkent University.  With more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector, Dr. Fidanboy has worked as a manager, chief consultant and trainer in the establishment and certification processes of the management systems of many institutions and organizations operating in IT and defense sectors throughout his professional career life. He worked as a Software Quality Manager (Senior Researcher) in many important IT/defense projects and national/international management system certification projects carried out at TÜBİTAK - BİLGEM between 2002 and 2012. During the next two years, he was the management consultant of software management system establishment projects and other international certification projects at Türk Telekom Technology Directorate. He has many articles and papers on different topics such as management/strategy development, organizational behavior, quality management and R&D Management in IT industry. He has given lectures at Başkent, Çankaya and TED Universities as a part-time lecturer.

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