Employment Areas

  MYO Machine Program is a Machine Technician field with the widest working area.

  Machine Technician has a wide range of work areas from computer aided design and production, line planning areas, land and maritime to aviation. MYO Machinery Program is a department that deals with the design, production and maintenance of many hardware, machinery, tools, devices, systems and processes that we need in daily life and production.

  Today, our industrialists strongly need Machine Technicians who have a well-trained education. These Machine Technicians are also provided with a range of opportunities domestically and abroad, both financially and in terms of improving and advancing themselves in their careers. In this context, OTU Vocational School Machine Program students are taught English preparation depending on their wishes.

  Machine Technician is the person who plays a role in designing, producing and maintaining maintenance in a manner that is valid, efficient, safe, economical, respectful to the environment and ethical values.

  In this context, the employment, job and career fields of the students who will graduate in the Vocational School Program are spread over a wide range and scale, and these fields are indicated in the following table.

  Employment, Job and Career Areas of the Students Who Will Graduate from the Machine Program.

 Employment, Job and Career Areas of OTÜ MYO Machine Program Graduates


  • Factories producing with 3D production methods
  • Firms that produce CNC machining, milling and Integrex-like machining
  • Enterprises producing with hot forming methods such as casting, forging
  • Businesses performing quality control, non-destructive inspection after production
  • CAD-CAM-3D Printer operator
  • Factories producing with extrusion
  • Welding process expertise
  • Raw material and finished product warehouse manager
  • Factories producing with powder metallurgy
  • Enterprises operating in maintenance, maintenance and operation
  • Printing Industries
  • Glass production facilities
  • Enterprises engaged in coating, polishing, waxing and paint-like finishes
  • Factories producing with pipe bending
  • Factories producing with sheet forming
  • Factories producing with composite production technologies
  • Production planning units
  • Enterprises producing with plastic injection
  • After-sales support and integrated logistics units
  • Factories producing electric motor machines
  • Wood, wood etc. furniture producing in enterprises, etc. production units
  • Automotive industry
  • Vehicle maintenance service supports
  • Textile production factories
  • Production and maintenance areas of aviation and maritime units
  • Cold forming units
  • Test Laboratories
  • Crane, construction equipment operation and maintenance units
  • Rubber, vulcan technology production units
  • Waste recycling sites
  • Computer aided analysis units
  • In units that manufacture and install automatic control and autonomous systems

 According to "Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) Labor Market Research Manufacturing Sector Report" of 2017, there is a huge employment gap in Turkey and also in Ankara in the Machinery Technician business areas in the table above.