Academic Staff


Prof. Dr. Cahit KURBANOĞLU
Professor Dr. Cahit Kurbanoğlu received his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Karadeniz Technical University, his Master's Degree in Business Administration from Gazi University and his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Anadolu University, during which time he worked as a research assistant at Akdeniz University, Isparta Engineering Faculty. After his doctorate, he worked as a lecturer and lecturer at the Isparta Engineering Faculty at Akdeniz University. Associate Professor at Isparta Engineering Faculty at Akdeniz University between 1991-1993, Associate Professor at Engineering Faculty at Süleyman Demirel University between 1993-1997, at Isparta Engineering Faculty at Akdeniz University between 1997-2011
 He worked as a Professor at Istanbul Medeniyet University between 2011-2019. He worked as department and department heads, dean, institute director and vice-chancellor in the university. In mechanical engineering, he gave lectures on mechanical machine elements, design, entrepreneurship, quality management. He advised 14 MSc and 13 Dr students, gave many courses in the field of Mechanical Engineering, wrote more than 20 articles in Sci magazines, wrote more than 30 articles in other magazines, wrote in 18 book / book chapters, and published in nearly 100 papers. and worked in more than 10 projects. Since May 2020, he has been working as a lecturer in the machine program of OSTİM Technical University Vocational School.


Prof. Dr. Şemsettin ÖZDEMİR


Professor Dr. Şemsettin Özdemir completed his bachelor's degree from the Casting Department of the Technical Higher Teacher Training School, a master's degree in Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Production Management, and a Ph.D. in Metallurgy Education from Gazi University Institute of Science. He worked as an Assistant Professor at Gazi University Technical Education Faculty between 1991-1993. He was an associate professor in 1993 and was appointed as an Associate Professor in Gazi University Technical Education Faculty Casting Training in 1995. Since 1996, he has been working in Alfa Döküm and Alfa crank companies, which he founded. He has more than 15 articles and papers in international and national refereed journals and congresses. He has prepared lecture notes and translation studies in his field. He advised in postgraduate thesis studies and took part in international projects. He has many years of industry experience and still works actively in the field of industry. Since May 2020, he has been working as a lecturer in the machine program of OSTİM Technical University Vocational School.



Assistant Proffesor Turan ŞİŞMAN


Having completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering Department, Şişman received his PhD in Robotics Program, and during this time he worked as a research assistant at Selçuk University and ITU. After his doctorate, he worked as a full-time faculty member at Selçuk University, Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University, and as a part-time faculty member at Gazi University and Başkent University, respectively. Between 2002 and 2010, he served as Branch Manager, Head of Department and Deputy General Manager in some public institutions.
Between 2015 and 2020, he served as the founding department chairman of the Haliç University Engineering Faculty Mechanical Engineering Department, and Vice Dean of Engineering Faculty, and for a short period he served as the Dean of Students at the same university. In the same years, Şişman, who worked as a content consultant and industry analysis writer in the ST Robot Investments magazine published in the field of industrial robots and Industry 4.0 applications, performed various programs on ST Industry Radio, which broadcasts about the same sectors. He has been working as a faculty member at OSTİM Technical University Vocational School since February 2020.


İlhami Pektaş


Instructor İlhami PEKTAŞ (Part-time)


He graduated from METU Metallurgical and Materials Engineering department. He completed his graduate studies at the same university and his PhD at Gazi University, Department of Machinery. He worked as a senior manager at the Erkunt Döküm ve Makina factory, Tübitak and Mitaş, and as the General Manager at the Ereğli Demir Çelik / Çelbor Boru factory. He made researches on surface treatment technologies for 6 months in Japan. He worked in every stage of production such as Iron and Steel Casting, Steel drawing, Forging Hot and Cold forming, Surface coating technologies, Heat Treatment, Machinery, Steel construction Manufacturing, R&D, Quality, Laboratory, Testing and Inspection. Currently working as a coordinator in the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster, Pektaş is working for the development of our national industry with domestic production and national brand studies in our country. Pektaş speaks English, having many papers, articles, industry analysis, "Metallurgy in Our Bodies" and "Galvanist Guide" published in Turkey and abroad.