Vision of the Program: “Seeing the Future Ahead”

In the fields of global freight transport, logistics and supply chain:

  • A mixture of physical, biological and digital world on a single platform,
  • Enriched and customized with excellent scientific design and industry applications,
  • Large-scale, innovative, sustainable and long-term
  • Offering the best global solutions and optimizations for cognitive value chain network designs with smart logistics service options,

Training competitive «World-Class Staff» for the industry sector.

The Program's Main Mission

With superior academic staff, advanced logistics technological workshops, cantered on the perfect mix of academic knowledge and sectoral practices, and an inter and trans disciplinary applied education model to create service and product value in the logistics and supply chain education-training eco-system for our students (a new generation of world class staff) to gain knowledge, skills, experiences and problem solving skills for related disciplines.

Sub Missions of the Program

  • To raise the multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary human profile that has gained the ability to understand in depth requirements of the new commercial platform,
  • To present cognitive, analytical and numerical structures of sustainable superior professionalism,
  • To make modern, new generation and creative logistics and supply chain solutions and designs necessary achieving academic «behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge, and multiple and integrated application and practical abilities»,
  • To offer economic, social and environmentally friendly service solution projects, logistics and multi-layer supply chain network design, optimization and management in global logistics platforms.
  • To implement a multi-focus educational strategy that combines theoretical knowledge and practice to broaden research and practical applications and deepen knowledge.
  • To provide training consisting of digitized, multi-process and computer-based logistics and supply chain training practices that based on the new generation logistics and supply chain philosophy.