Our Differences

Difference of Logistics Program from Other University Logistics Programs

The Logistics Program was built with a Supply Chain Management perspective. The Logistics Program architecture consists of 8 modules that built on top of each other.

  • For the students of Logistics Program are aimed to gain;

First term; Business Capabilities,

Second term; Logistics Capabilities,

Three and fourth terms; Logistics Expertise Capabilities. 

  • Five new focus points on which the Logistics Program is built;

Science (Academic),

Business World (Industry and Sector),

Technology (Information and Automation),

Society (Manufacturer and Consumer),

Authority (Vision and Policy).

  • Logistics Program consists of;

50% Logistics Technical and Practice Skills,

25% Logistics Conceptual Skills,

15% Logistics Relational Skills,

10% Logistics Social Skills.

  • There are two laboratories in the using of the in-Logistics Program.

First Laboratory; Logistics 4.0 Laboratory

Second Laboratory; Logistics Centre of Excellence (LMM) Laboratory

  • Logistics Program brings the concept of Technology Collar employees instead of Blue- and White-Collar employees.