Students' Views




Furkan Erkan/ Logistics Program Student

The main reason I chose OSTİM Technical University was that it was an industrial university. It was very valuable for me to enter the business life with 2 years of experience from our university, which provides workplace training in the public and private sectors. In addition, during the workplace practice, I learned what the logistics industry expects from us. I had the opportunity to shape my mission and vision according to expectations. We have developed projects to solve the problems we see during workplace practices, and with our projects, companies have seen and implemented ways that can increase efficiency and productivity in their business processes with us. Thanks to the entrepreneurship trainings, projects and hands-on workshops at the university, I had an entrepreneurial perspective. Thanks to the logistics and joint courses synthesized with 21st century skills, when I graduated from OSTİM Technical University, I gained not only a diploma but also many talents. One of them and the most important was that I had a continuous education awareness. With this thought in mind, the fact that I could look at the events I encountered in the sector from a multi-faceted perspective with the certificate trainings I received enabled me to take the right steps. Speaking of the logistics department, I would like to share what my teacher Doğan always says; “Half of the money circulating in the world is managed by the logistics sector.” With this aspect, our department, which provides the opportunity to work in many fields, trains the person sought by the logistics sector with its applied training. Our instructors kept us up-to-date with innovative topics and enabled us to enter the logistics sector of the future ready and to become a technology-collar logistics professional. I would like to thank OSTİM Technical University and its valuable academicians for everything.



Metehan Kılıçaslan / Logistics Program Student

First of all, I would like to tell you why I chose OSTİM Technical University. OSTİM basin is an organized industrial zone that plays an important and leading role in the industry of Ankara and Turkey. The biggest feature that distinguishes OSTİM Technical University from other universities is; It is a 3rd generation innovative university that takes responsibility for the development of the region and the country by producing original projects and solutions to increase entrepreneurship in the development of a country. The academics of our school make an important contribution to increasing production and employment by preparing us for the conditions of international competition on the world ecosystems, and to gaining qualified workforce and young entrepreneurs globally. As students of the Department of Logistics, our department and academicians tell us; It conveys the rapidly growing world trade, today's and future business environment, the changing social structure over time, Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0 components and network-network structures. One of the advantages of OSTİM Technical University is its location in the city center and its ease of transportation. Although I am one of the first graduates of our school as of June, I am always happy and proud to be a part of this valuable family.



Müge Karabacak / Logistics Program Student


The reason why I chose OSTİM technical university is that they provide an education close to reality by offering intensive application and experience opportunities to their students throughout their education life, primarily with workplace applications throughout their education period. In addition, the Lifelong Education Center aims to provide its students with additional competencies and skills in addition to the department they are enrolled in. Since OSTİM Technical University is a university that supports entrepreneurship, it provides students with the opportunity to start their own business with the "Entrepreneurship Scorecard" by developing various levels and types of entrepreneurship courses and practices from the time they register until their graduation. The aim of the graduates to have the professional and personal equipment to work both nationally and internationally was effective in my preference for the Department of Logistics and OSTİM Technical University.





Selin Su Yiğit/ Logistics Program Student

OSTİM Technical University aims to produce graduates who can put science and technology into practice. Thanks to our Workplace Experience courses, where we were able to put our theoretical knowledge into practice, we had the opportunity to learn our profession in the kitchen. Thus, we have personally experienced that business life and academia are not separate but an integrated whole and we will be the ones who will develop this. I would like to say that it has added great value to us with its technological infrastructure and strong academic staff in accordance with the motto of "University of Industry" at international standards. As a student of OSTİM Technical University, I will take my place in the business world as a productive and entrepreneurial graduate who has the necessary knowledge and experience thanks to our academicians.




Tuana Begüm Öner/Logistics Program Student

OSTİM Technical University is the first and only university that is intertwined with the industrial sector and provides you with the opportunity to easily present the projects you can do in your student life to the investors. That's why OSTİM Technical University was at the top of my preference list. Along with providing the opportunity for workplace practice throughout your education process, it also mediates many training and certificate programs. In addition to all these, our university provides education in this direction by following modern technological developments. One of the features of the logistics department that distinguishes it from these departments in other universities is; It is our ability to easily share information with academics and discuss the issues. In addition, thanks to the competent knowledge of our academicians, we are prepared for both our academic and real life throughout our education life. Since our Workplace Experience course is at the forefront, we teach how and where the knowledge we learn in the course should be used in business life.