International Trade and Finance



Dear Students,

Welcome to the OSTIM Technical University International Trade and Finance family!

As the Department of International Trade and Finance, we aim to train as international trade and finance experts and senior executives who have basic knowledge, skills and abilities in the fields of foreign trade operations, basic business functions and economy / finance, and who have a command of export and branding processes in order to increase the international competition of our country.

In line with our aim, we have developed a curriculum that has been meticulously prepared for you with an interdisciplinary approach, which has the broad vision of our faculty, is in harmony with universal dimensions and theoretically, adapted by taking various opinions from the business world, and enriched with practice and experience. With Applied Education courses, we offer the opportunity to observe and participate in all foreign trade processes of businesses such as opening, export, import, market research, pricing, customs clearance, shipping and payment starting from the first year. With the Entrepreneurship course, business establishment and management, budgeting, commercialization processes; with the International Business Transactions course, export and import processes; with the Logistics and Supply Chain course international transportation, shipping, customs processes; With the International Marketing course, you will have the opportunity to learn and apply the strategies of going abroad.

I wish success to all our students.


Assist. Prof. Hasibe AYSAN

Head of Department