International Trade and Finance

Student Views



Başak Sönmez / International Trade and Finance Department Student

OSTİM Technical University offers its students opportunities to develop themselves both academically and socially. The fact that it always encourages us to the best with its expert staff and attaches importance to our ideas is proof that I made the right choice. With the workplace experience (semester internship) starting from the first year of university, we are able to experience professional working life frequently as well as reinforcing the knowledge we have gained in our own fields. In addition, the experiences we gain in seminars on every subject make us seriously experienced. When I graduate with such a comprehensive education, it gives me confidence to know that I can also gain work experience in my field. 



Dikra Ben Amar Mnissar / International Trade and Finance Department Student

I am glad to be one of the students of OSTİM Technical University, starting with the administration side, it takes care of all students’ problems, especially the international students office which is always on service 24/7. On the other hand, as a student of International Trade and Finance department, I’m impressed with the wonderful educational field. They are not only limited on giving lessons, but at the same time they give many seminars on various topics related to our department and make this big opportunity for us to meet with successful entrepreneurs like Ms. Asetila Koestinger and many other professors from multiple countries. There is also an important section in our university, and for the first time I see it in Turkish universities, it is the workplace education which improves our understanding of the work environment.




Muhammet Emin Dalmış / International Trade and Finance Department Student


In 2019, I enrolled in the Department of International Trade and Finance. I started the department after one year of English preparatory education. The biggest reason why I chose this department was that the language of instruction was 100% English and the opportunity for workplace experience (semester internship). Our professors were always interested in us. Thanks to their simple - fluent lectures and rich resource sharing, we never had any difficulty in our lessons. In addition, outside of the lessons, I participated in various technical teams in our school and had the opportunity to attend many seminars organized in our school about my department. I started the workplace experience education, which is the most important advantage of our department and the difference from other universities, in the second semester of the first year. With the guidance of our professors, I did a semester internship with workplace experience in a company in the defense industry sector that I was interested in. I would like to thank our professors for their interest and our university for providing us with early experience.





Bengisu Vural / International Trade and Finance Department Student

As one of its first students, I preferred OSTİM Technical University because of the competence of its academic staff and the promised level of education, despite the fact that it was a newly established university. From the moment I started the department, I realized that I was not wrong. While gaining academic competence with the courses I took from my professors who are experts in their fields and always closely related to us, I had the opportunity to observe and gain experience in different sectors with the workplace experience (semester internship) courses I took from the 1st year. With the workplace experience (semester internship) courses I have taken since the first year, I have had the opportunity to observe and gain experience in different sectors while I was still at the beginning of the road. In addition, our university has successfully prevented the disruption of the education we received by acting in a controlled and planned manner from the very beginning during the pandemic process that deeply affected millions of students. In this sense, I think that OSTİM Technical University is one of the universities that carry out distance education in the most successful way.