International Trade and Finance



Orientation Training Program

On Monday, October 4, 2021;

  • Between 09:00-12:30 Turkish
  • Between 13:30-16:30 English

All preparatory and 1st grade students are invited to the orientation training that we will hold.


About the Department Telegram Channel

Our telegram group has been established for the International Trade and Finance department. When logging into the group, you must provide your correct information in the form of your name and surname. Please click here to join. 


Students' Responsibilities Regarding Exams

1. Checking the exam date and time from the department or faculty websites and taking the relevant exam at the correct date and time (See Annex 1)
2. Completing the exam within the specified time and clicking 'submit and finish'
3. Preparing a petition for students who have a Medical/Sick Report on the exam date to be able to take the Make-up Exam and submitting the Medical/Sick Report as an attachment to the faculty secretary


About Distance Education Center Exams

Dear Students,

You can reach the guide on how to take exams in the Distance Education System by clicking here.

We wish you luck.


Distance Eduaction Center

Dear students,

You can click here to learn how to log into our distance education system. When you enter the system, you can access the courses defined for you from the left part of the screen.



Weekly Schedules, Course Descriptives and Curriculums are published in the relevant sections of the departments' website.

The courses will be carried out with the distance education method via the Distance Education Center tab on the Website.

Your User Name and Passwords will be sent to you via e-mail to login to the system. 


About Distance Education Guide

Dear students,

In the 2020-2021 Fall Semester Education and Training Term, our lessons will be held with distance education. Click to access the user manual of the system.

Students' usernames and passwords will be sent to them as soon as possible.


2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Department of International Trade and Finance Online Final Exam Schedule

Please click for the online final exam dates and the deadlines of homeworks that will replace the final exam. 



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