International Trade and Finance

Program Qualifications



  1. Have advanced theoretical and up-to-date knowledge in discipline-specific areas such as international trade, finance, logistics, and general business and international business such as economics, marketing, management, accounting.
  2. Evaluate, follow, absorb and transfer new information in the field of international trade.
  3. Conduct market research, carry out projects and develop strategies for a business to open up to international markets.
  4. Use knowledge of national and international trade law and legislation in the management of international commercial operation processes.
  5. Work independently and within an organization, using the knowledge and skills acquired in the field and adopting continuous learning.
  6. Have the ability to apply her theoretical knowledge in real life, with the experience she will gain through practice in departments such as marketing, accounting, foreign trade, finance, logistics.
  7. Have the theoretical knowledge to carry out export, import, customs clearance, logistics, taxation and other international trade activities within the scope of global and regional commercial and economic organizations.
  8. Can develop a business idea, commercialize the business idea, and design and manage their own venture using their entrepreneurial knowledge.
  9. Using strategic, critical, innovative and analytical thinking skills, actively take part in the decision-making processes of the enterprise in the field of foreign trade and finance.
  10. Act in accordance with ethical values, respectful to the environment, social and universal values in all activities it will carry out in its field.
  11. Have the skills to follow up-to-date information at national and international level, to gather information about field, and to communicate with international institutions / organizations using her/him knowledge of English.
  12. Gain professional competencies to take charge in national and international businesses, public and private sector organizations.
  13. Can evaluate the problems and conflicts encountered in all areas related to international trade from different perspectives with a holistic approach and produce value-based solutions.