International Trade and Finance


The Department of International Trade and Finance aims to educate senior executives and experts in the field of international trade and finance with a global vision, strategic thinking and teamwork, entrepreneurs based on international commercial and economic system. 

Prepared with an interdisciplinary approach, the syllabus provides students with a thorough understanding of international economics, business, trade, finance, marketing and logistics. The interdisciplinary structure of the program enables the development of critical thinking executives in the global marketplace that can easily adapt to change, make strategic decisions.


Academic Achievements of Our Students

International Trade and Finance program includes courses in economics, business administration, finance and logistics. Students taking these courses, international trade, marketing, finance areas, such as the basic knowledge. Students will be able to develop their academic competencies in basic social sciences with compulsory and elective courses related to History of Civilizations, Psychology, Sociology and other university activities. Courses such as Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technologies and Programming are also included in the program to ensure the development of students in analytical thinking and technical skills. In addition, the curriculum offers advanced elective courses in the fields of international economic and financial institutions to allow students to focus on their chosen areas. In the lessons, educational techniques such as case studies, simulations, workshops, conferences and team work will be used with the help of new technologies.


Our Contribution Targets to Our Country and the World

  • To educate graduates who can easily adapt to and participate in the pace of globalization, innovations and technological developments, think strategically and analytically and make decisions in this way, and who are expected to dominate international marketing and capital management, world commercial and economic relations and product circulation activities, and to train graduates in national and international markets,
  • To produce knowledge through quality scientific research in priority areas and to present original solutions for various problems by transferring this information to students, production areas and other segments of society,
  • To develop country and region by producing original projects, ideas and products in the field,
  • To produce solutions to social problems in cooperation with different segments of the society and to contribute to the social life of the society through social responsibility projects and cultural / artistic and sporting activities,
  • To work as a part of the solution of social and economic problems in the world in cooperation with international public institutions / organizations and non-governmental organizations and to take an active role in the development of policies related to these issues,
  • To contribute to the industry to produce high added value, to increase competitiveness and to guide the economic, technological, social and cultural development of our country,
  • To enrich education and training principles and models in our country and in the world with innovative and creative approaches.

Working Areas of Graduates

Graduates of the program have the opportunity to work in the private and public sectors. Students are primarily trained to find jobs in private companies working nationally and internationally. However, graduates of this department have all the rights of graduates of other economic and administrative sciences.

Job Opportunities

There will be employment opportunities for international trade and finance graduates, especially in OSTİM and the surrounding region where the university is physically located. Graduates who have the opportunity to work in different departments of the companies, especially in the fields of foreign trade and logistics, find a wide range of employment opportunities in the public sector, particularly related ministries and institutions.

Some of the institutions and fields that graduates can work in are as follows: National and international companies' export and import departments, finance units, banks' treasury, foreign operations and fund management units can work as experts, national and international money and capital markets as a fund and portfolio manager increase their chances. Insurance companies, factoring and leasing companies can work in foreign trade or foreign operations services, customs and logistics companies, as well as work as a freelance accountant or financial advisor. At the same time, they can be employed in the relevant public institutions (Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Technology, Central Bank and Capital Markets Board).

Graduates of the department have the right to participate in all the vocational competition examinations that the graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences may take.