International Business Management Master’s Program with Thesis

Approaches that Make a Difference

Students of the OSTIM Technical University International Business Management Master’s Program will visit actual businesses within the scope of the “themes” listed below in line with the contents of the courses to be offered under the program and listen to the real cases of those businesses (about problematic areas or recently emerging areas or current areas-problems) from the actual manager in charge at that business (business mentor of the course). Then, they will simultaneously develop their semester projects which will offer their proposed solutions for the cases with the guidance of the course lecturer. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to have observations and conduct research in actual businesses and on actual cases. They will present their projects offering their proposed solutions for the real business cases both to the lecturer and the business mentor, discuss their findings and complete their courses with “case analysis” support.
Example: Conduct studies to prepare a Business Plan as a new technology firm in the “Mobility as a Service -MaaS” field, prepare and present a business plan in a new field, compare it to the firm solutions and discuss..

Business simulation is an experiential learning tool where participants manage a virtual organization in an interactive, risk-free, and realistic setting. Business simulation games provide students with experience in business skills such as business intelligence, financial analysis, market analysis, business activities, decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork, communication and leadership and help participants enhance these skills.

The business simulation program to be used within the OSTIM Technical University International Business Management Master’s Program enables the students to practice almost all business functions (procurement, inventory, production, marketing, sales, accounting, financing, strategy, leadership and human resources management). This application will be included in course contents and used in relevant courses and topics throughout the semester.