International Business Management Master’s Program with Thesis

International Business Management Master’s Program enables managers and executive candidates of private sector, public sector or non-profit institutions, or candidates with academic career goals to comprehend increasingly complex international business processes, economic opportunities and risks, local and global challenges from all fronts; offers a program that will enable them to view their decision-making processes from a global, analytical and strategic perspective. The program not only focuses on business / corporate decision-making processes from a micro perspective, but also integrates international public policies and global strategic variables of strategic management into business / corporate decision-making processes analytically and effectively and blends quantitative and theoretical analysis methods at the most appropriate dose to deepen corporate management skills.

The program is designed to provide the managerial skills, innovative, analytical and intellectual skills infrastructure required by the accelerating technological developments, also known as the 21st century technology revolution, which is emphasized with definitions such as Industry 4.0 or Society 5.0. The program is ultimately designed to support managers and manager candidates to clarify their career options, deepen their awareness of their resources and abilities, remove blockages in front of their goals, and have a strong management / leadership perspective in an academic sense.