Interior Architecture and Environmental Design


Head of Department's Message

Dear Students of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, welcome to us.
You all have entered a new phase of your life after a long and tiring educational journey. Now you will shape your life knowing what you want in a free body. We are here to support you on the subject. We are all part of the OSTIM Technical University family, and this will continue even after you graduate leave us.
University education, which is the first step in learning the job to be done throughout your life, is difficult but enjoyable. Some days you will be very tired, but in the end you will be the winner again. Although our training will take time due to the pandemic that the whole world is experiencing nowadays, we will always be with you one step further in the future.
I wish our new academic year good for all of us and I embrace you with love.
Head of Department

Our Mission

As the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, our aim is to cultivate highly competent interior architects and environmental designers with strong professional ethics and responsibility. This is achieved through an innovative educational environment and tools, experienced academic staff, and an educational approach informed by current developments in science, art, and technology. We strive to produce graduates who are inquisitive, critically-minded, capable of developing original designs, and able to bring their designs to life through practical experience. Our education model integrates university-industry collaboration to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading institution both nationally and internationally in the field of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. We aim to achieve this through a research, experience, and application-based educational approach that encompasses universal values in science, technology, art, society, environment, and humanity.

Our Distinctions

Applied Education Model OSTIM Technical University is established in a business and financial center that has made significant contributions to Turkey's industrialization. To leverage this knowledge base, we place great emphasis on workplace-based education alongside academic instruction. From the first year, students will engage in practical education in businesses related to interior architecture and environmental design each semester, developing observation, application, innovation, and management skills.

Entrepreneurship Report Card The Entrepreneurship Report Card aims to equip OSTIM Technical University students with an entrepreneurial mindset, skills, and abilities. It tracks and evaluates each student's performance based on predefined or newly accepted entrepreneurial actions, providing rewards upon achieving certain milestones. Students who reach a specific score on their Entrepreneurship Report Card will receive support and rewards from our university, such as start-up capital for their designs, products, services, or projects, job opportunities in OSTIM Technopark, business partner matching, and international internship opportunities.

Courses That Make a Difference Our department's curriculum includes courses designed to help students easily adapt to university life, contribute to their personal development, and achieve their goals through various extracurricular activities. These programs foster active participation, intellectual curiosity, cultural sensitivity, and responsibility. Courses such as Introduction to University Life, Building the Future, and Entrepreneurship Project aim to instill entrepreneurial qualities like innovation implementation, commercialization, and company formation.

Our Educational Philosophy and Methods

  • Learning by Simulation
  • Web-Based Learning
  • Project Preparation
  • On-Site Application
  • Internship
  • Professional Activities
  • Social Activities
  • Fieldwork
  • Report Writing
  • Classroom Activities
  • Group Work
  • Assignments
  • Seminars
  • Technical Visits
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