Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

The Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design offers the undergraduate degree with the curriculum in which pedagogic, academic, and practical studies are jointly carried out. The Department aims to equip students with the knowledge of designing healthy, comfortable, aesthetic, environmentally sensitive, sustainable, and durable interior spaces and their immediate surroundings where people can conduct their various activities in an equal manner.

Based on the mission and vision of OSTIM Technical University, design and theoretical courses in tandem with the workspace experience the students have gained during the education are collectively aiming at developing students’ creative skills on critical thinking in design processes and problems; strategic management of the design and implementation processes; following and evaluating the developments of the disciplines of art, design and technology; establishing a relationships among the past, present, and future aspects with the responsibility of physical, environmental, historical, and cultural values.

Our Contribution to Our Country and the World

  • To educate well-equipped Interior Architects and Environmental Designers with the contemporary, innovative, ethical, responsible, sensitive and democratic approach to the relationships between people, space and environment with the experiential learning process,
  • To (re)produce the knowledge through qualified scientific research in priority areas and to present unique solutions for various problems by transferring the knowledge to our pedagogical approach, production areas and other segments of the society,
  • Creating healthy spaces for societies with innovative approaches in the field of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and contributing to increase the quality of life for all,
  • Contributing to the industry to produce high added value by increasing competitiveness and guiding economic, technological, social and cultural developments of our country,
  • To enrich educational methods and models in our country and in the world with rationalistic approaches.

Academic Achievements of Our Students

The curriculum of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design is carried out through integrating the experiment-based pedagogic approach with the latest technologic tools. In the Department, the basic courses are Basic Design Studio in the first year and Interior Architecture Studios courses in following three years are conducted in a collective design atmosphere in which the instructors are aiming at equipping the students with the skills of thinking, questioning and criticizing the design process. The student is not a passive learner, but an active researcher and designer in the studio culture, by which the students are expected to be aware of their creativity and to create their own design approaches in finding original solutions to design problems. Design Studio courses forming the backbone of the Department curriculum are conducted in coordination with the theoretical, technical courses such as Technical Drawing, Drawing and Presentation Techniques, Construction and Materials, Advanced Presentation Techniques, Computer Aided Technical Drawing and Furniture Design. It is aimed to increase the technical knowledge of the students with Ergonomic Design, Environmental Control Systems, Building Insulation and Fire Safety courses, the analytical thinking of the students with the Mathematics for Designers course, and the skills of managing the project and application process with the Construction Management course.

In our department, the main objective of the theoretical courses- Introduction to Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, History of Art and Design, History of Interior Architecture, Human-Space-Environment is to train interior architects with artistic and intellectual achievement as well as being technically equipped.  In addition, students can take elective courses according to their professional tendency and interest.

Working Areas of Graduates

The working areas of interior architects are quite wide. They are equipped to design and implement all types of private or public interior spaces and their surroundings. Some of the spatial areas which interior architects design are as follows:

  • Residences
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Cinema and theatres
  • Stage and set design
  • Fair design
  • Yacht and caravan design

Job Opportunities

Our graduates can work in the design offices of interior architecture, architecture, and other interdisciplinary fields; in public (i.e. the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning) and private institutions and sectors; in provincial and district municipalities; in offices, workshops, and enterprises in the fields of construction and building industry. Additionally, they can perform their profession by establishing their own design offices and production workshops. They can also prefer to be a scholar/instructor by continuing academic studies in the postgraduate and doctoral programs in Turkey or abroad.

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