Information Systems

Information Management Department

To carry out and coordinate all the works related to software and hardware infrastructure by creating information systems strategies of OSTİM Technical University by keeping information security at the highest level;

Accordingly, to ensure the supply, installation and operation of information systems;

To provide our staff and students with accurate and timely access to information anywhere and anytime with up-to-date technologies.

OSTİM Technical University Information Systems:

Our basic information systems offered to our students' academic and administrative staff and students are composed of;

Electronic Document Management System:

During the execution of our university's activities, we provide a completely paperless university target with software that enables all information and documents to be created in a computerized environment, all workflows are carried out over electronic networks, and all verification processes are completed with electronic signature processes.

Student Information System:

We provide fast and high quality education support with our information system, where our students provide all their transactions with our university in electronic environment, and access all kinds of platforms without any limitation of time and place, and follow up current course, exam and homework information.

Library Information System:

We provide our students with access to information anytime and anywhere, with the library information system that provides online access to our library, our resources, national and international publications, which is the primary source of information and an indispensable element of new generation universities.

Distance Education System

In addition to classroom trainings, we provide the information accessible not only to our university students, but also to lifelong education center trainees and all citizens, with our distance education system that gives access to course content, multimedia and visual materials and online exams.