Industrial Product Design

Academic Staff


Prof. Dr. Kerim ÇETİNKAYA


Kerim Çetinkaya was born in 1966, Isparta Sütçüler Belence Village. He received training on flexible design and production at Huddersfield University, England in 1994. He completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education at Gazi University, Technical Education Faculty, Mechanical Education Department, Design and Construction Education Program. He He completed his doctorate in 1995 and became associate professor in 1997 and professor in 2005. He was currently worked as a professor at the Department of Industrial Design Engineering at the Faculty of Technology, Karabük University for 20 years. In the electronic production laboratory was worked as a visiting professor at Medway campus of  Greenwich university in 2013. He taught at Erasmus exchange and visit at Wolverhampton  Universities in the UK and Koszalin University in Poland. Academic studies are on design and manufacturing, transport systems design, professional design applications, machine tools and bonding apparatus design, sheet metal mold design, CNC systems design, 3D printer design and applications, industry 4.0 and technology. He organised 1 st International Design Engineering symposium and four 3D printing and digital industry congress at the international level. He is chef editör on International Journal of 3D Printing Technologies and Digital Industry. He continues his work on product design, 3D printing FDM systems and industry 4.0 expansion. He carries out the EU project on 3D printing Technologies. He has 10 articles published in Sci journals, 28 articles in other Refereed Journals, 54 papers published in Scientific Meetings, printed books, lecture notes. Professor Kerım Çetinkaya, who started the Ostim Technic University Machine Program in 2019, continues to work as a lecturer in the Department of Industrial Product Design in 2020.


Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Nurgül İNAN


Dr. Nurgül İnan received her B.S. degree from Architectural Faculty at Istanbul Technical University in 1986. She has worked for several architectural offices, building sites and a factory during her business life. She has received her MSc and PhD degrees from Architectural department at Gazi University. In addition to her professional business life, she gave several courses for 10 years as a part-time lecturer at Gazi University. Inan has published several articles, one of them is included as a chapter in a book, in many scientific journals and has presented papers in many symposiums and congress. She is interested in computer aided design, earthquake-proof building design, kinetic design, ecological architecture and design for disabled people. Inan also prepares audiobooks for visually impaired people in the National Library.


Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Dilara Gökçen AKÇAY PAÇ


She received the bachelor degree of architecture in 2010 from Gazi University  Department of Architecture. She graduated from the master degree program of Restoration and Preservation Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with the thesis entitled Studying Traditional Urban Texture Of City Of Tokat Within The Context Of Preservation: Halit Street, Bey Street, Beyhamam Street” in 2013. She completed her PhD at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Architectural Design Issues PhD Program with the thesis entitled “A Study On The Architectural Space In Terms Of Meaning And Subject Relationship” in 2020. She worked as a research assistant in the Amasya University, Faculty of Architecture from 2010 to 2011 and also Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Architecture from 2011 to 2020. She continues her academic studies by focusing on the field of architecture theory and discourse, and makes researches on the interdisciplinary ways of architectural knowledge in literary meaning.


Arş. Gör. Merve SEYHAN


She graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Industrial Design in 2018. Since 2019 she has been doing her master studies in Gazi University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Industrial Product Design. Her works and interests are product design, design researches, 3D visualization and marketing. In her master's thesis she is working on examining the relationship between planned obsolescence and industrial product design.