Industrial Policy and Technology Management Master's Program with Thesis

Industrial Policies and industrialization process is of great importance in today’s world. It is necessary to scientifically design and implement industrial policies in order for the industries of countries to develop, to increase their competitiveness, to increase their production capacity by producing products with high technology and added value. Technology management, which is a sub-field of industrial policy, is a scientific discipline that deals with the effective management of other state institutions, technology ecosystem stakeholders and competitors’ technological competencies, equipment (tools) and human resources. In order to accelerate the industrial and technological development of our country, it is heard by qualified personnel in the field of industrial policies and technology management in state institutions and private sector stakeholders. The purpose of the SPTY Graduate Program at OSTIM Technical University is to meet the specified qualified human need to ensure the training of these academicians and to contribute to the technological development of our country in order to accelerate the industrial development.

For our university, which was established as an "industrial university" and whose campus is located in the leading industrial region of our country, namely OSTIM, producing knowledge such as economy and business as well as technical knowledge and contributing to the development of human resources allows "more efficient and facilitating" an industry of great importance. . Thanks to the SPTY Master's program, it is planned to increase the number and qualifications of the employees, academics and professionals in the field of industrial policies and technology management at our university. In this way, industrial site design and implementation and technology management will contribute to the employment of both business and academia, and private sector as well. As a result, more effective industrial policies and technology management will increase the competitiveness, competitive capacity and development capacity of our country.